Winter day with the Wheat State Treasure Hunters

Well a few days ago a couple of us decided to detect at one of the largest and oldest parks in the city. On Saturday I decided to turn out Sunday outing into an impromptu group hunt and invited everyone in the Wheat State Treasure Hunters club. I had a few people ask what time and where. I was kind of surprised that given the weather we had 5 people show up to detect today. 25 degrees, and a little precipitation. It was a very peaceful day out. The park was quiet except for the general bantering when you get a few MDer’s together. The clouds hung low without much sunshine. The weather was calm without wind (kind of unusual for Kansas). We hunted two different areas and I found a few clad coins. I was kind of disappointed in my finds today. I think from now on I will not put expectations on my metal detecting adventures. I have always seemed to expect good stuff and it rarely shows up. When I don’t put any thought into what to expect I seem to find a treasure or two. The ground in the area is spotty frozen depending on the surroundings. On one of the particular sites there was a nice lining of pine needles that kept the earth easy to dig. In other areas it is rock solid for the first few inches. We ended up staying out in the below freezing temps for 5 hours. It was a great time with good friends. Always look forward to our next hunt with dirty diggers and swingers.


*\_ Steveouke



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