Well, I posted this morning about my first hunt of the year. I wanted to dive deeper into one of the biggest reasons I feel hunting sites like the one discussed don’t yield great results for me. 


1. Time- It takes hours and hours to hunt a site properly. If we hunt a site properly it requires us to make many passes from many angles to get all the non ferrous targets out of the ground. In addition there are surprises to be had when digging deep iron. So how do we combat this. I like to get standing permissions, however that isn’t always possible. If I know I have a private site secured it is much easier to make multiple trips. If I don’t have that standing permission and I think I will only get to hunt a place once I have to work quickly. Everyone knows that this doesn’t produce the best results. Old sites need items removed in layers (100’s of years of layers).

2. Response time of our machines- I am going to go out on a limb here and talk bad about the Garrett Ace 250. I love this machine but there is one thing about it that drives me crazy. Response time or recovery speed as some call it. This is the speed at which our machines see one target, processes it, and sees the next target. The Ace is slow about this. I switched to the DD coil to get better target separation and it helped tremendously however it doesn’t speed the machine up. There are two options to change this. The first is you can buy a faster machine. Secondly is to slow down extremely. Now I am a patient MDer and I can work slow but I don’t like to do it. I am hoping to get a machine with a faster recovery speed sometime in the near future. The options are buy a high end machine that has variable recovery speed or buy an intermediate machine that has a faster response time. Honestly I have been wanting to try out the Teknetics Eurotek Pro with the 11″DD coil. This machine costs $300 and from the videos and reviews I’ve read it is fast and deep. You don’t get all the bells and whistles that upper end machines have but for the money I’m guessing it would do an excellent job. I think this is especially true given the sites I hunt.

3. Coil size- If you want the ultimate in target separation you can get a sniper coil. Ideally one would have multiple coils for their machine. If I’m hunting an open field I want to cover more ground than if I’m in a small postage stamp sized yard in town. The 5 x 8 DD coil that Garrett offers for the Ace series seems to be an excellent compromise. So what’s the problem? I’m cheap and that coil costs the same amount I gave for my second hand bone stock Ace 250. I have trouble putting more money into the Ace and still having to deal with the slow recovery speed.

So this is my conundrum. I’m cheap and I love the detecting hobby because you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun. I just get the feeling that I leave good targets behind. I have proved this to myself time and time again on sites that I have standing permission on. I will hunt it 3,4, or 10 times and still pull goodies out of the ground. I am a firm believer that “masking” is the problem. I would love to get the Eurotek and place it heads up against the Ace 250. I have been using the Ace for a couple of years and I have been amazed by it’s depth, accurate target ID, and it’s simplicity. I have written several times about all it’s good sides. I remember talking to Pulltab Miner a long time ago about this and he put it simply by saying “you have reached it’s max ability”. I truly believe he is correct. The response time I believe is the only thing holding this machine back from being better than machines that cost twice to three times as much. I have always thought that the ATPro would be my next logical step but I am not convinced that the recovery speed would be that much better and I think that is the key to getting me the finds I want.  

Now on to some fun stuff.

Pulltab Miner shared with me a blog today that I thought I would pass along. There is a lady in Tennessee that has been detecting since 2011. I am confident in saying that her finds blow mine out of the water just like her writing skills. Anyways I will happily add her to my blogroll so that others can read her great blog. Her name is Whit Hill and she goes by Dirt Girl. Take a second and read through a few of her posts. You won’t be disappointed! Here is a link to her blog

Detect America has decided to start a radio show. These guys will be on 1,000 mikes with the Detecting Lifestyle show and American Digger: Relic Roundup. Their first show is tomorrow night and I can almost bet it will be fun. They are giving away many prizes including an XP Deus (If I win it I will have to come up with a feminine name for it). They are also giving away a Eurotek Pro like I mentioned above (This one already has a name in my mind). If the stars align and they draw my name I will have a huge introduction post announcing the arrival. I would also encourage you to follow Detect America on Facebook. I think this is the kind of organization that could be a huge asset to the hobby in the future. They may not have lodes of money to pay for lawyers and the like but they have nearly 2,000 followers in only a couple of months. If that pace continues it could be a huge group of like minded detectorists. You can click on the link here to listen tomorrow night at 8:30 eastern tomorrow evening!

At any rate it is great that we have these kinds of social media driven groups. Let’s face it, you can’t stereotype those that enjoy our hobby. I have met people from all walks of life and ages in the hobby. This means that we have to be extremely diversified in how we congregate everyone. In the back of my mind I’ve wondered what would happen if all the older folks called each other and the younger folks texted, tweeted, facebooked, and snapchatted each other to congregate in places like Cook County. If a couple thousand people showed up at the courthouse would it make a statement? I guess that would be known as a flash mob type of thingy!

I guess that’s it. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

*\_ Steveouke

7 thoughts on “Continuation..

  1. AT Pro used for $400 and your lack of recovery speed will be solved. Did you give Pulltab’s a run before he foolishly traded it away?

    1. Lawdog, I have used one a couple of times. I will be the first to admit that I haven’t spent more than 8-10 hours with one. I just don’t see the recovery speed being that much better. The lil Eurotek is F75 fast which puts it right up there with the big dogs as far as recovery speed. It’s very tempting. I know the ATPro is an excellent machine and I think with the iron audio and being waterproof it definitely has some major capability I’m just not certain it will get me what I want. That being said both the Ace and Atpro have found seateds when others (read as Maurice) hasn’t…

  2. Ouch! Now was there a reason to hit me below the belt? I’ve always said that the AT Pro was, dollar for dollar, probably the best all-purpose detector around. The Ace couldn’t be expected to be all-things because it was meant to be a starter machine and yet, I think it has proven itself to be more than that.
    The situation we find ourselves in around here does call for specialized machines. Recovery speed is a good thing but there are trade off’s that go with it. One is signal length. Your signals will become shorter and ‘chopped’ so you really want to listen and, paradoxically, you may have to still swing slow if the trash and iron are severe. Another is depth. Faster means shallower. Last, speed has to go with iron smarts. Your detector has to be able to tell iron from non-iron well, otherwise you’ll end up digging everything and in that case you might as well go back to the Ace.
    I continue to hear good things about the EuroTek Pro, so I am hoping you get one so I have first hand accounts to judge it.
    As for the Seated thing, hey, I have a melted coin that ‘could’ be a Seated and in my imagination it sure is. 2014 is the year…I can feel it 🙂

    1. Miner, you do bring up some valid points regarding the whole idea of speed vs. depth and those iffy signals. It was late when I posted the comment about seateds and I just thought you needed a little ribbing. You know I hope we all find seateds because in my mind that is about as old of a coin we can find in these parts. If we all find seateds this year it means we are doing our insane hobby correctly. I’m amazed that you haven’t found one yet. I’m also amazed at some of the coins that elude me.. SLQ’s and 90% halves to be exact..

  3. Steve, everyone has made valid points especially pulltabMiner talking about swing speed. From my tests the Eurotek Pro performs a lot better with a fast swing speed which may not get you the results your looking for in those heavily iron infested areas and especially with the 11 DD coil. Dont get me wrong though the Eurotek Pro with 11″ inch coil is a great detector for the price. But, when you tried the AT Pro was it with the stock coil? There is night and day difference when you put the 5×8 dd coil on there when your talking about target separation and recovery speed. The AT Pro yes is a mid grade metal detector but it hangs with the top end detectors in the iron infested areas with the 5×8 dd coil on there. It is the best bang for the buck out of the metal detectors on the market today… trust me I get to test all of them. Your an avid detectorist and love the hobby as we all do which means your in it for the long haul. I feel that if you got the Eurotek Pro you will eventually be wanting more a whole lot quicker than if you got the AT Pro. Honestly, there are extremely experienced detectorists who love the AT Pro and that is there go to machine. So what im trying to say is yes it is more than you want to spend right now but chances are you are a lot less likely to out grow it which means cheaper for the long run. The AT Pro’s are not as expensive as you think especially when you have a trade in!

  4. Much like my wife, I fell in love with the 5×8 coil the first time we met. I use it exclusively now in every situation. The separation amazes me.

    I dug a shiny old can lid once. In my mind, it was a silver dollar. 🙂

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