Not the warmest welcome!

Well, Yesterday I got out detecting in the afternoon. With the temperatures hovering just above freezing I knew the weather would be OK. When I finished my hunt snow was flying and the temp had dropped about 10 degrees. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go detecting so I did some “freestyling” as I call it. I decided to drive South a few miles and then East a few miles. I knew from looking at maps previously that there were some really old homesteads scattered around the area. The first one I spotted was where I ended up spending two hours. It was an old property that looked very promising.



Little did I know that this place was littered with all kinds of foreign metal objects.. I detected for two hours and dug all kinds of signals. I ended up with one clad dime, about 15 pulltabs, a few square nails, and many many pieces of small brass and copper objects. I was kind of disappointed but I have learned that when hunting rural properties there are no guarantees. I remember when I first started detecting I had made a post on the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum about gaining permission at an old farmstead. A man commented on my post saying sorry to bust your bubble but they usually don’t produce that well. In my mind I was wondering who the pessimistic man was. After a little research I learned that it was Dan Hughes. After listening to a few of his podcasts I understood where he was coming from. Sometimes you luck into coins on these sites and other times you bust. Finds aside though I love detecting these kinds of places because you just never know what you will find. I plan on going through the trash side of my nail apron to see if there is anything of interest in it. I know I dug a couple pieces of Iron that had some lettering on them. I will let you know if there is anything super cool in them. Anyways there you have it my first hunt of 2014. It wasn’t what I had hoped for but it still solidified that regardless of the treasure you find the hobby is fun. 


Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

*\_ Steveouke


3 thoughts on “Not the warmest welcome!

  1. That spot does look like it has some potential Steve. I have run into these situations numerous times. it appears the old homestead is probably early 1900’s maybe late 1800’s from the stone fireplace and has had a few remodels done which explains the added abundance of ferrous in the ground. I have hit spots like this where you could actually pick any place in the yard and dig and you will dig numerous ferrous objects from the ground…lol. Do not give up on it, there is good targets there they are just being masked by the iron overlay. I have had to go back to these spots numerous times before you start actually digging the good stuff. Take your small coil and run in all metal so you can hear everything and go slow you will eventually start finding the goods a property like this will produce like cool relics, old coins and maybe some jewelry and like you said you never know what your going to dig up and you are absolutely right every time you dig is like opening a present Go over the same spots but switch your direction up. When you speak of luck into these coin spots is usually when you find where the old clothes line used to be. Remember its there you just have to find it. My experience with finding these old clothes lines is check out from the back angles of the house. Start at the back corners and detect out from there at an angle from the house. Now its not always in those areas but that is where I have had the best luck of finding them. Cant wait to see your finds pics the next time you hit this property!

    1. Treasure you bring up some very valid points. I was planning on making another post tonight that dives into what you are saying and then a little deeper. My biggest challenge in these situations is my detectors response time. There are some lightning fast detectors out there that would do better than the Ace with the DD… I really want to try a Teknetics Eurotek with the DD because it seems very fast and a great value..

      1. Yes the ACE series can be very erratic in those iron infested areas because of lack of features on the detector and software. The Eurotek Pro is a great detector with a very good recovery speed for the price. But honestly to see a big difference if you could jump from the ACE to the AT Pro with 5×8 dd coil and you would absolutely start picking that place apart! Im not trying to push you towards the AT Pro but you seem to be very familiar with the ACE Series so jumping to the AT Pro would not be that much of a learning curve at all and you would be bringing all of your ACE experience to use because the AT Pro is the next step up from the ACE series. You can make an AT Pro perform just like an ACE but you cant make an ACE perform like an AT Pro… so what im saying is you can gradually learn the AT Pro and still have the confidence and skill you had with your ACE series which is a big factor detecting in any spot.

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