Struggling on Sunday

Well after 3 evenings of battling with the hot water heater, taking down christmas lights, and taking care of all my other family duties I was ready for some detecting this afternoon. I decided to hit a site I detected a month or so again. Last time I was there Pulltab Miner and I both found Indian head pennies. Well today started off with the first target being a headstamp. This site is a iron infested mess. It became evident while digging some of the targets. It was easy to pull a square nail or two before finding the somewhat decent sounding signal. Anyways I was joined by another hunter and we had just got done digging a target when we saw a gentleman crossing the fence headed our way. As he approached he asked what we were doing and I told him. The next question was do you have permission and I said yes. He then informed us that he owned it and asked us to leave. Now here is a little back story. While researching this site I learned that it was owned by a family trust. I called the number on the GIS website and was told I needed to talk to another person to get permission. I talked to him and was granted permission. I explained this to the owner and he understood. He was nice about asking us to leave but I still don’t fully understand the reasoning. This is just another instance when I have gotten all permission I thought was needed only to get shut down. Now I’m not totally disappointed because the site hasn’t produced much but I do know the potential is there. Anyways todays hunt didn’t produce one coin but I did manage to find a bunch of metal.. The most interesting finds were the headstamps. 

The headstamps are as follows

A REM-UMC Economy 12 gauge (I believe this is the oldest of the 3 and probably dates from the 1910’s

A REM-UMC Shur Shot 12 gauge 

A Federal Hi Power 20 gauge

Now I believe that all of these shells were from 1910-1930. This tells me that the coins should still be in the same area. The school was on the 1885 plat map and the 1905 plat map. The town falls off the map shortly after that and a neighboring town blossoms. I’m guessing that this field got purchased with the school house and then turned into a recreation field. 

Anyways I stopped at another site on the way home that yielded 3 golf balls. 2 pulltabs, and a bunch of foil…


Hopefully detecting get’s better! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

Steveouke *\_


4 thoughts on “Struggling on Sunday

  1. Aaahhhh, the old family trust. It’s always a problem when several persons own the same piece of land. It only takes one spoiler. Had a couple of good prospects I couldn’t get on because of family feuds. Can’t we all just get along?
    Nice head stamps!

  2. It can be frustrating to get shut down like that when you think you have all the permission you need. I’ve had something similar happen where one person granted permission but didn’t tell another family member, and they didn’t want anyone on the property. I know it is a hassle, but it helps to get a permission slip signed if possible.
    Anyway, kudos to you for seeking permission in a hobby where a lot of people don’t.

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