It isn’t fun to get ran over… But maybe you’ll learn something.

I haven’t found anything super super cool lately so I thought today I would tackle a different aspect of the hobby. Last night I was invited to play snooker with a buddy of mine. He is a phenomenal snooker player (champion actually). Right away he pointed out some of my shortcomings. He also pointed out that the tables pockets were tighter than a standard snooker pocket. I started the evening thinking we would be playing for a couple of hours. The first couple of games he tackled some shots he normally wouldn’t. This gave me an opportunity. I didn’t succeed. I couldn’t get comfortable with my stroke and mentally I wasn’t in the game. This is where I want to bring detecting and so many other hobbies into focus. I have mentioned the mental game of detecting in the past. My buddy quickly got settled in and proceeded to run me through the ringer for 4 hours. It was fun to watch but man I wish my game had been on. I have personally seen people (myself included) fall apart mentally on a billiards table and in the detecting field. If you sit at home and watch people pull old relics, coins, and gold jewelry all day it will look easy. If you sit at home and watch World Champion snooker players you’ll say that it looks easy. So my goal for the next few hunts is no matter how slow or unproductive it gets I want to keep my mental game strong. Don’t get discouraged if you are new to something and fail. It happens to the best. As we were winding down for the  evening my buddy registered to play in a snooker tournament 500 miles away this weekend. I wish I could go to that tournament and just talk to advanced players and see how they keep it together mentally. Many times in snooker it is a simple mental decision that wins or loses a match. Can the same be said for detecting? I believe it can. I have wondered around for hours when my mind wasn’t on detecting. Anyways, It’s obvious I don’t have solutions to the problem but I’m merely pointing out the parallels I’ve seen between a couple of hobbies I love and the way our minds work or don’t work when needed. When it comes down to it I believe if you don’t push yourself you won’t learn and advance. If you take time to detect with others you may learn from them. If you play snooker with a national champ I can promise you that you will learn something as long as you open your mind. I think this is the most fun part of socializing within hobbies. Talk to others about their game and listen when they answer!

On a more fun note Pulltab Miner and I are getting ready to jump into something that will probably test us both mentally and physically. I hope I can keep my head in the right place! 


Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading


Steveouke *\_


2 thoughts on “It isn’t fun to get ran over… But maybe you’ll learn something.

  1. Steve I get the same way when I hit a area where I’m digging nothing but junk and start skipping signals because I’m getting frustrated. Then I think of what my dad told me when I was younger learning how to fish. Keep catching the small ones and it might attract the big ones. That’s when I get more into the hunt.

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