Rocking Out!

Yesterday afternoon I got out for about an hour and a half. I decided to go gold hunting in the local sports fields. I have hunted these sports fields for many, many hours. I only dug two high tones during the hunt which both ended up being tent stakes. Now I dug 30-40 mid and low tones. I managed a nickel, 15-20 pulltabs, and 15-20 pieces of foil. There are very few good repeatable signals left in this modern sports field. As I was finishing up and headed back to the truck I had an idea. I have no idea why I hadn’t thought of this before but what can I say. The parking area at these sports fields are approximately 3 soccer fields worth. I decided to try digging in it. I was surprised that it is about an inch worth of loose sand/gravel and then an extremely dense layer of crushed asphalt. I turned the sensitivity down on the detector and got to swinging. Over the next 10 minutes I dug 4-5 coins out of the loose stuff. My advice is to go ahead and detect these gravel lots. You never know when someone lost a ring while fiddling with keys or pulling off their gloves. I guess gold fever is setting in.

Speaking of gravel, rocks, and gold be sure to check out High Plains Prospectors for all your treasure hunting needs.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading

*\_ Steveouke


2 thoughts on “Rocking Out!

  1. My advice is to go ahead and detect these gravel lots.

    Great advice, I too have had good luck detecting gravel parking lots! Great blog man, keep up the good work!

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