What keeps people coming back for more.

Today, I want to talk about what keeps people coming back to our hobby and the products we use.

I have met many folks who go out and buy a decent metal detector but quickly get discouraged and decide to upgrade. Nothing wrong with upgrading but what happens after their upgrade is what blows my mind. They get discouraged and still are not finding the coil stuff. I have met people who thought they would enjoy the hobby but quickly learned that they didn’t have the patience and persistence needed to succeed in the hobby. Don’t get discouraged, Now what keeps me coming back. I enjoy finding silver coins and old relics but that isn’t what keeps me coming back. My drive comes from “post hole” banks. I hunt old homesteads for this reason. We have all heard the tales of a family member burying their money in the yard. Old homesteads are hit and miss as far as coins go. Sometimes you find a few coins and then other homesteads don’t produce any coins but instead give up some relics. The cache of coins has eluded me but I am confident that with time and patience it will come…

Being a salesperson in my daily job I have learned that what brings customers back time and time again is customer service. I have dealt with companies in the past that have lost my business due to poor customer service. On the flip side of the coin there are companies that provide stellar customer service. This kind of service is what I have experienced with 90% of the companies I have dealt with in the metal detecting community. Shortly after I got my Garrett Ace 250 I broke my arm cuff. A quick call to headquarters and they sent me a new one. A couple weeks ago I was detecting over the lunch break and my beloved Sampson T-Handle broke.

A quick call to the CEO at W.W. Manufacturing and she requested that I send it in and it would get replaced. As promised I received a brand new Sampson in a few days. These are the kinds of products and customer service that keeps me coming back. If you are in the market for quality products and a dealership that has great service I would start your search here.

Anyways on this icy, cold, day I thought I would let you know my aspirations and a couple of companies I like to deal with that provide customer service that is top notch.


One thought on “What keeps people coming back for more.

  1. OMG–I can’t believe your Sampson broke, those things are tough as heck! Glad you got it replaced. I have dealt with WW before, they are a very friendly and helpful company, and that is refreshing today.
    Hope you find that cache–Happy Hunting!

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