Amazed and slightly dazed

Well this week has been a whirlwind. I haven’t been detecting due to ol man winter dropping around 8 inches of snow on us. I’m ok with that because this week I have plenty of other stuff to do. About 3 months ago I made plans for the Wheat State Treasure Hunters to do a class with the city on the first Saturday of Feb. We discussed the weather and I figured we would have cool temps. I wasn’t planning on this snow. Luckily I believe we have a couple of guys who came to our rescue. At our last meeting we had 2 guys present us with a test tub that we can place items at different depths and see how your detector performs. We will be using this for our class this Saturday. I was totally surprised to learn that our class is full with 20 students. I was not expecting this class to be full but I am excited that they will be attending and learning with us. I have to say that when we went into our first class we were uncertain of the response we would receive. Through feedback from our students I feel like class will be better this time around. As a club we have mentioned doing a second level class that would dive even deeper into the hobby. I still have quite a bit of work to do for this class but I don’t mind because I had a blast last time and I am certain Saturday will be even better. While working on getting literature to hand out for this class I had an Idea that we could also help out dealers who service our region. I think this will be great for the club, dealers, and students. I have a few ideas that I will be presenting to our local dealers. I think we can build some very good relationships which will not only help our club but that will also help build our hobby in the future. If you are involved with a detecting related company and would like us to promote your business shoot me a message and we will figure out how to make it happen!


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