Ready, steady, melt and dig!

Well since we have been snow covered for the last week I haven’t been out detecting. However that is about to change.. If you believe the meteorologists. They are calling for 2-3 days of 40’s and 50’s this week and temps up to 60 this weekend. I am ready to get back in the field! I know it will be a wet, soppy, mess but I’m perfectly ok with that. I know there has been quite a bit of controversy regarding halo’s around targets and how moisture affects our hobby. I have never really shared my opinions but here it goes. 

1. Halo effect- I think the halo effect does happen. You may be asking yourself what the halo effect is. To simply put it this is where minerals from miscellaneous metal leach out into the ground around the object. I have noticed this especially with iron targets that are deteriorating quickly. I don’t think it has the same affect on silver due to it’s non-ferrous characteristics. 

2- How does moisture affect our machines- I seem to find more good targets when there is moisture in the ground. I believe this is because of two things. I think that transmitted signal of our machines travels farther in moisture. This seems quite common sense to me. Everyone knows that radio waves travel better under water and that is exactly what we are transmitting.. Radio Waves. My other thought is that if you get enough moisture in the ground it breaks up the halo effect mentioned above. I believe that this allows my machine that isn’t super fast to see targets more individually and clearer. 

After boiling all this down these are just my opinions and I haven’t done any scientific research other than hunting spots that I have previously only hunted in dry conditions. I have one local spot that I have referred to on the blog as the bankers house. I am hoping that the moisture and borrowing one of our club members 5 x 8 DD coils will help me find some goodies at the bankers house this weekend. On that note during the Wheat State Treasure Hunters class we had a couple of people from my hometown attend and I am planning on inviting them along on my hunt. We have pulled a few good coins out of the place and I am certain there are more coins hiding under all the square nails that are there. I have dug more square nails at this site than any other site I have ever hunted. My closest guess is 150.. I keep plucking away at them though. Maybe this weekends hunt will be when all of my fruitless hunts there will pay off.

I would love to hear what other MDer’s think about moisture and the halo effect. Bring on the opinions!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

*\_ Steveouke

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