You know what they say about the size of a man’s coil?

Tonight I want to write about the last 2-3 days worth of metal detecting.

I spent the biggest part of Saturday at Lego Robotics trial day with two Ukena boys and our exchange student from a couple of years back. It was fun to see the kids building, failing, rebuilding, and making progress on their robots. After we all got home I decided to go detecting at the bankers house I wrote about in Monday Eve Mojo. I was getting ready to head out the door when Miner texted me to see if I had gotten out yet. I told him no and we decided to hunt the bankers house together. He previously found an Indian and a Buffalo at the site. We got to the site and noticed that the landowner had cleared a few trees that really opened up some new detecting areas. I was super excited to try this site with the little 5 x 8 coil that is on loan from one of our club members. We dug a few relics and many, many square nails but neither one of us were able to get our coil over a coin. Well, I have to retract that statement. I am certain we got our coil over coins but they were cleverly disguised as square nails. This site is possibly the most iron infested I’ve seen. I think by the time we were finished I had dug 20-30 square nails of all sizes. I could definitely tell that the little coil helped with target separation and didn’t lose much depth in comparison to the 8×11 coil I typically have on the Ace. 

Sunday I found myself at the circus with the family for a few hours. After the sensory overload that comes with the circus I was ready to go detecting. I invited Paula to go with me and she decided to give it a shot. We detected a home site which held a home a couple of years ago but was recently torn down. The home was from the mid 40’s I believe. I was hoping to find some AG but instead I finished the hunt with a couple of pennies and a full pouch of miscellaneous bullet casings and home parts. This was definitely not a clean demolition job but we had fun none the less!


Paula, swinging the Garrett Ace 250 with the cute little coil! If I ever make it to Munich to visit her I will definitely have a detector in hand!


On Monday I had the choice of going to the pool hall and playing snooker or getting out in nature on a beautiful day and detecting. I went detecting. I chose a site that I hunted quite a bit last year and that yielded three silvers for me and a few wheat pennies. I was detecting along not finding much with the little coil when I remembered a little detail. There was a sidewalk that didn’t have rebar in it that had been filled over. I quickly started working the little coil along the edges of the buried walk and coins started showing up. I dug a few Lincolns from the 70’s and a clad dime from one side of the walk. Once I turned and headed up the other side of the walk I was blessed with my first silver of the year in the form of a 1951 Roosevelt dime. I was very pleased to see this because I feel like I was getting off to a rough start in regards to the silver. The hunt continued and I quickly found a 1940 Jefferson Nickel. It was deeper than the dime so I was hoping for a buffalo but this one was just a few years too young. 




So back to the question I posed in the title of this post… I say it doesn’t matter how big it is if it get’s the job done! 

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

*\_ Steveouke


One thought on “You know what they say about the size of a man’s coil?

  1. Steve I hunt almost exclusively with the 5 inch coil. Just don’t like the larger coils. I think they actually see “too much”. I wish the mfg would consider offering all their models with a 7 inch as in the 80’s. Just my preference and nothing more.

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