Whadda weekend

Well this weekend was kind of a blur. It started at 5:45 Saturday morning. I loaded up the V-Star and I was off to coach my first MSF class of the season. The temps were cool so we saved the riding portion of the class until after the classroom portion. Everything was great until our last exercise… That is when the rain came. Not just sprinkles either, it was a downpour. Anyways we adjourned class until Sunday morning. After getting everything in order I headed home with rain gear on. About a mile into my 10 mile ride the hail started. Pea size hail is no big deal when you have all your gear on. Sunday morning we again started in the classroom because it was spitting moisture while being 33 degrees with a pretty stiff breeze of 15 mph. It was brutal and we decided to call off riding exercises for the day. I had to take the eldest Ukena boy to his cousins birthday party in Wichita.. I decided to get some detecting in and I returned to the school yard that I discussed in my post Kicking around. I found an area that was rich in coins that I had not hunted before. I dug several old clad coins and I knew silver coins were lurking. Sure enough about an hour in I was blessed with some silver.


I hope to spend more time here and find a few more.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading.

*\_ steveouke


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