Spring has sprung and that means… I’m a Busy Bee

The weather has been awesome, we got moisture in the form of rain a couple nights in the last week. This is a MDer’s dream.. Unless that MDer is in the middle of a house transition, Teaches MSF classes, and tries to maintain a sane home. Now I am not complaining because I love the fact that I’m busy. I don’t like sitting and waiting. Yesterday I participated in a class for the Wheat State Treasure Hunters and we had a blast. One thing I have learned through teaching MSF classes is that I really enjoy teaching adults. I also think that public speaking changes how people interact with each other.

As it sits now we will be moving somewhere around mid May. We are only moving to a neighboring city but for some reason I have a huge desire to move across the big pond and find some old treasure. Our family has had an exchange student for the last 5 years and that has created this desire to travel abroad. I would love to swing my machine over ground that holds treasure that is thousands of years old opposed to the 100 year old treasure that I currently search for. Anyways, I hope you get out and find some cool stuff in my absence.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading
*\_ Steveouke


One thought on “Spring has sprung and that means… I’m a Busy Bee

  1. Congratulations on the new home…always exciting. As for going overseas to detect, do it add it to your list. Take a trip with Chicago Ron or Jimmy Sierra and you will be hooked. I am still hoping to get back to France for a little digging.

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