Taking care of business

Well I haven’t been detecting much because I have a ton of stuff going on right now. That doesn’t keep me from doing late night research and thinking about new sites. As I mentioned in previous posts our family is moving in mid May and we have been busy getting things together to make that happen. The other night the boys wanted to go to the library while the Queen was having a estrogen filled party at the house. I obliged and while they were looking at all the books they would like to have I hit the small corner room that held the local history. This all took place in the city we are moving into. I was kind of disappointed in what I found but I am certain if I dig deeper I will find more details.

Saturday I attended a Wheat State Treasure Hunters class along with three other club members and we had a great class. There is something very rewarding about doing these classes but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it the fact that they hear our words and say “I’ve never thought of that”, is it the fact that we get people of all ages interested in the hobby, or is it simply the fact that I enjoy seeing people enjoy the hobby. I don’t know but I do know it is enjoyable. When I’m teaching an Motorcycle Safety Foundation class it is rewarding and I know exactly why. We have new riders that have never been on a bike getting around pretty well on them. Couple that with people who have been riding for awhile but never understood why things happen the way they happen and it makes you smile and realize you are teaching them something. In both cases I have very satisfied feelings towards how people respond. Whether we are teaching detecting or motorcycling we always hear great feedback. Maybe that is why I enjoy both so much.

Now for the bad part of the the post. I don’t see a ton of detecting in my future because the house we purchased has an unfinished basement and it needs to be finished to meet our families needs. It will take some time out of my “play time” but I know it is temporary and while the work is going on it will probably be the hottest part of the season and I’ll be done just in time for the cooler fall hunting which I enjoy more anyway!

Anyways thanks for reading and I promise I will get out detecting a little this upcoming week and have some goodies to share!

Steveouke *\_


One thought on “Taking care of business

  1. No secret as to why you enjoy doing the classes… You are teaching and sharing, and that my friend is so much more satisfying than doing. Pretty sure those in your classes appreciate you as well. Good luck with the move….

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