A little country church blessing

Well we are slowly getting settled into the new home. The other night we were headed to a baseball game. In route I saw a sign that caught my attention in rural Butler County. It said ????????? Church established 1900. I had to know more! A quick Google search led me to a page about the history of the church. I wanted to detect it and I found a contact to email. I quickly sent him an email asking permission to detect and was granted it. Wednesday evening another MDer and I headed out. Things started a little slow with us finding a couple of zincolns and clad coins. Just before dark I gut a pretty sweet signal on the Ace250 and was blessed with silver in the form of a 1904 Barber dime! I was hoping for a seated coin but I won’t be picky.


As we were finishing up our permission granter told us where the church has always had picnics. We will save that for round 2 but I am hopeful there are more coins that will reveal themselves!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading. Steveouke



2 thoughts on “A little country church blessing

  1. Nice find and a be sure to share more about the picnic site….always been a favorite of mine and should produce some nice finds. Hope your Memorial Day weekend is a great one…

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