Starting to recover

Well, the basement is coming along thanks to several people helping me out. Yesterday was the first day I had been detecting in a couple of weeks. I finally convinced myself that I needed the down time. I started out detecting where the old depot was in town. Brutal site with all kinds of fill and misc trash. The only coin I found was a 1968 dime. I then headed to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots. A rural church that has produced a couple silvers. It was the perfect place. Quiet, peaceful, and full of finds. Nothing spectacular but I dug 10-15 coins with the oldest being from ’65 but I know there is more lurking below that.

Lately, I have been finding my relaxation in bicycling as well. Since we moved I can get pretty much everything we need within bicycling range. I have also been commuting via bicycle more. The thing I like most is that all 3 of my boys and the Queen like to cycle as well. We have been going on Family rides and those are precious times in my mind. The whole family is getting exercise while spending time together. I can’t figure out a downside. Friday my oldest boy wanted to commute to work with me. He will be twelve next week so it’s only fitting that he made the 12 mile ride. We had fun the whole way to work. I think as a society all we do is rush constantly and these two hobbies definitely force you to slow down and enjoy the little things. I truly believe that this is what is keeping me sane during our basement project.

Thanks for reading and take the opportunities to slow down that you can. You just may find yourself wondering why we rush so much!

*\_ Steveouke





One thought on “Starting to recover

  1. Steve, glad you finally got out detecting…does wonders for the mind. Curious if you are watching the Tour de France? I am a big fan and having spent a lot of time in that country I love the coverage.

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