Oooh this hobby. How you humble thee part two

On Saturday business found me 100 miles from home and in the middle of rural america. I had mentioned to my customer that I had brought my detector and a couple buddies. She was curious about where we would be detecting. I mentioned that we would possibly detect the public park and that there was a church we wanted to detect in the next town over. It must have been destiny because as soon as I mentioned the church her response floored me. “Let me call my cousin and let her know you are on the way to the church”. Come to find out her cousin now lived in a house on the church property. The church was founded in 1884 but the current building was built in 1922. My buddy and I quickly turn our machines on and get to work in the sprinkling rain. My first target made me think it would be a good trip.


For the next hour and a half we virtually found nothing. A little clad in a more recently used area.

We decided to pack it in and head to another neighboring towns high school. The building was built in 1914. I was hopeful that we would find some goodies.


The hunting was slow, hot, and humid. We stayed there for about an hour and a half as well and found only clad. Needless to say I believe there are many silvers lurking below the layers but you would really have to work for them!

In the end the trip was fun but not fruitful. Oh well there is always next time!

Happy hunting and stay dirty!
*\_ Steveouke


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