Turn the frown upside down kinda road trip

This morning our family was up very very early. We were headed to Plainville for the Queens grandmothers memorial service. Plainville is about a 3 hour drive Northwest. We didn’t have much time for sightseeing on the trip up. We met with family at the cemetery and had a short time there. We then headed to a luncheon that brought guests in and out to see everyone and share. We found some downtime during this event so my brother in law and I set off with 5 kiddos to find a couple geocaches in the small town. We had fun and the kids did as well!


Once all the guests had left and we loaded everything up we hit the road. Our first stop was in Victoria to see a marvel in the middle of nowhere. I have seen this place multiple times and always wanted to see it up close and in person. Unfortunately a wedding reception and service cut our visit very short. Cathedral on the Plains is a feast for the eyes. I highly recommend you check it out. Fascinating!

Second stop was a place called rock city. It is an interesting place where calcified water has cemented sandstone into spherical formations that kids(and adults) can climb, crawl, and enjoy time outdoors on. Very fun!



Lastly we stopped in Salina at a somewhat iconic burger joint called the cozy inn. 12 burgers, 3 sodas, and 4 bags of chips for less than $20 and the burgers were delicious!


All in all it was a great day but this boy is whooped!


One thought on “Turn the frown upside down kinda road trip

  1. Steve when you get engrossed in the detecting pastime it’s easy to forget there are a great many other fun things to do, especially with the family. Sounds like fun day out despite the purpose of the trip.

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