Class on a stellar September Saturday

What a great day it was and I wasn’t even swinging my gizmo..

Wheat State Treasure Hunters

Yesterday we held our first class in Andover, KS. We started at 9:00 and we had 9 people in attendance. The surprising thing about this class was that we had 3 elementary aged young ladies in attendance. I think that is great. It’s always fun to see younger kids getting involved.


The classroom portion of the class went as normal and I have to say that even I enjoy listening to our members talk about detecting. When you have experienced md’ers who open up and start talking about their stories, research, and how to hunt it’s fun.

Earlier in the week I had decided to make the outside portion of the class a little different. Since the site of the class was newer and I knew there wouldn’t be much for our students to find I had some fun. I planted about 40 coins that were a mix of clad…

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