Non-confrontational and polite

Wheat State Treasure Hunters

In your time in this hobby, you will eventually run into somebody who doesn’t understand what we do, or is misinformed about what we do, or is just plain angry about what we do.

The best way to deal with people in the above categories is simply to inform them. One of the benefits of belonging to the Wheat State Treasure Hunters is that you will get the correct information regarding what we can or cannot do in city parks. With that information, you can calmly educate those who haven’t yet discovered the joys of metal detecting.

Case in point; this afternoon I was hunting in my favorite park when I was approached by a Parks employee. He asked me to stop “digging up the park”. As he was being polite and professional, I remained calm and told him I was not digging up the park. He then asked that I…

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Snowy, silverless Sunday!

Well yesterday I managed to get all the base shoe down in the basement. Today saw the installation of the toilet by yours truly. After a short relax period the Queen decided to take all 3 Ukena boys to a movie. I decided to go detecting in the 25 degree, snowy, no wind afternoon. I stayed out for about an hour and found $.13. Some people would say I’m crazy but it was quiet, relaxing, and bug free! All in all I’m thinking I will be able to get out more often now that the basement is winding down. Just in time for winter!

The nice thing about detecting in snow is that it is easy to see where you are going and how hard it is to walk a straight line!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Steveouke *\_

Ohhh me oh my oh..

Well, I wish I was writing to say that I have had fabulous hunts finding caches of gold and silver… Sorry to break the bad news to you but I haven’t. I haven’t been hunting much but the home improvement projects seem to be slowing a bit. I’m in the process of building a rustic oak vanity for the bathroom in the basement. I don’t want to say I love building things but it definitely isn’t a nightmare. The time has been spent explaining dadoes, rabbet joints, and half lap joints to my 12 year old. He gets bored learning but he has enjoyed seeing the project come together. I did manage to find some time to hunt at the Wheat State Treasure Hunters November hunt. It was nice. The only work I really had to do was send out a group email with a map and time. We showed up and started hunting. There were 12-15 people there and it was nice looking around seeing people finding coins. We had people from all different levels of knowledge working a site of 8 empty lots. I dug a couple of wheat cents and an interesting coin from 1944 British ruled India. There were guys finding silver rosies, silver Washingtons, and older wheats. I wasn’t worried though. It was just nice to see everyone out enjoying themselves. Anyways I’m proud of where the club has come from and what it has turned into. At any rate, Good times were had and I look forward to doing it again.

Happy Hunting and watch out for the table saw blade. It can bite and it will hurt.

Steveouke *\_