Snowy, silverless Sunday!

Well yesterday I managed to get all the base shoe down in the basement. Today saw the installation of the toilet by yours truly. After a short relax period the Queen decided to take all 3 Ukena boys to a movie. I decided to go detecting in the 25 degree, snowy, no wind afternoon. I stayed out for about an hour and found $.13. Some people would say I’m crazy but it was quiet, relaxing, and bug free! All in all I’m thinking I will be able to get out more often now that the basement is winding down. Just in time for winter!

The nice thing about detecting in snow is that it is easy to see where you are going and how hard it is to walk a straight line!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Steveouke *\_


3 thoughts on “Snowy, silverless Sunday!

  1. 25 Degrees and Windy! That is borderline for! I love detecting in the winter because you are right no bugs and no poison ivy,, no ticks, etc…But usually my cut off is 35 Degrees…lol. Unless I absolutely had a great spot lined up!

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