Non-confrontational and polite

Wheat State Treasure Hunters

In your time in this hobby, you will eventually run into somebody who doesn’t understand what we do, or is misinformed about what we do, or is just plain angry about what we do.

The best way to deal with people in the above categories is simply to inform them. One of the benefits of belonging to the Wheat State Treasure Hunters is that you will get the correct information regarding what we can or cannot do in city parks. With that information, you can calmly educate those who haven’t yet discovered the joys of metal detecting.

Case in point; this afternoon I was hunting in my favorite park when I was approached by a Parks employee. He asked me to stop “digging up the park”. As he was being polite and professional, I remained calm and told him I was not digging up the park. He then asked that I…

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