Is this normal??

Well as 2014 comes to an end I find myself asking this question a lot. As my readers know I have been busy since moving finishing up the basement. That project went over budget and is now 98% done. I am thankful that we are nearing the end but being over budget has required the need for funds meaning that I am working a pseudo part time job that takes up a fair amount of time. Sometimes while at my “other” job I ask is this the new normal? Ever since the Queen and I found out we were expecting our first child I’ve had some kind of side income. I can honestly say it seems normal. I hope it’s short lived, however the Queen says that 6 months to a year should get us close to being where we need to be financially. Inevitably in life there is someone or something wanting more money out of you it seems. As a family we had a great Christmas and we made the choice to fulfill our Eldest sons wishes to have a bow for Christmas. Now here is a little back story. I have wanted to shoot archery for many years but anytime I thought about jumping into the hobby I saw all the things “needed” and talked myself out of it. We ended up spending $100 for everything our eldest needs to fling arrows at a target and the smile on his face makes it worth it. The other day as he was shooting he mentioned that Dad should get a bow. I was reluctant to say anything because I have secretly been not letting him know that I have looked at bows seriously several times. In the end it seems like metal detecting in the fact that you can jump in for a little money or you can go overboard with a detector that costs thousands, has GPS,  and a go pro to go along with it. Now don’t get me wrong I have had dreams of taking a deer or turkey with a bow but when it gets right down to it I’m not sure I have the time or funds to support those dreams. As far as detecting goes, I’m content. I would like a machine that is slightly more technical but if it doesn’t happen oh well. Me and my little Ace get along well. Saturday or Sunday I had the opportunity to get out detecting for a little while and I have to tell you that it wouldn’t have mattered what kind of machine I had. I was outside looking for treasure with a guy that I enjoy spending time with. Did I have some top secret location? Not really. Did I have a fancy machine? No.. That’s not what it was about though. It was about me not having to worry about framing, flooring, drywall, paint, or trim work in the basement. I can honestly say that the basement project has consumed me for the last 6 months and it feels good that the reigns the project held are starting to release a little pressure on my mind and soul.

I am looking forward to 2015. In my mind it has to be better than what I’ve been dealing with the last 6-8 months. But we all know that life has a way of interfering with our hobbies… And that my friends is normal!

Anyways I have to go learn how to put new veins on arrows that seemed to disappear while being shot through Koltons bow a few times.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading *\_ or *K->—/

3 thoughts on “Is this normal??

  1. Well said….it’s the thrill of the hunt, not the end result, AND the idea that you have to spend gobs of money to be happy is not true. JMO.

  2. I concur. Funny, your son is the third boy besides my two, who got bows for xmas. I went ahead and splurged on one for me because the idea was to get the boys out of the house and they seem to like it when I join in. We shot at targets at the farm and it was a lot of fun. Having said that, exploring around a creek with them has been the most fun for the three of us and the only money spent was the trip to QuickTrip afterwards for ice cream bars.

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