Revival of the fittest

Well tonight I have come to realize something. I have been totally slacking when it comes to metal detecting. A fellow MD’er emailed me the other day saying that we needed to get on some older land. I agreed! This lead to me mentioning to him that he needed to create some cards for when the time comes to get permission places. He kind of ho-hummed it and said he wasn’t comfortable asking folks for permission. Inside my mind I’m thinking “neither am I, Have you read my blog posts about permissions given and taken”? Anyways I saw this as an opportunity to help him break out of his cocoon and become a social butterfly. I created a card that has both of our names on it and depicts the type of grounds we want to detect. We are on our way.

Needless to say while doing some research of places tonight I started thinking about finds, places, people I have had the pleasure of spending time in the hobby with. I started going back through my blog and reading old posts. During this exercise I realized I have had a ton of fun in cool places, with extraordinary people. It has made me miss getting out on a nice spring and summers evening asking permission, talking to homeowners about their property, and most of all not having any clue what will come out of the ground next.

Maybe this is exactly what I needed to Revive my 6th sense swinging my machine.

Here’s to a more exciting 2015 *\_ steveouke

2 thoughts on “Revival of the fittest

  1. Steve, I understand the reluctance in knocking on a stranger’s door but I always thought that if I was turned down nothing really changed. Couldn’t hunt it before and couldn’t hunt it after asking…just status quo.

    The most important thing is that first impression bit you always hear about….very important. I used to give them a business card (nothing related to detecting) and told them a little about myself. Where I worked, how long I’d lived in the area, etc.. Tried to impress them with my honesty and stability, etc..

    If they seemed reluctant I would just say “I understand. Give it some thought and I will get back to you at a later time”…. Let’s them off the hook with having to come up with a quick yes or no, and also shows them you are not pushy.

    Just my two cents worth….

    1. I completely agree! First impression is huge. I have also left people with the think about it and get back to me later scenario. It gives them time to check out the blog and see what I’m after.

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