Mission started

Yesterday I went out with the two oldest boys scouting properties. There are several properties that I had seen on previous trips that screamed old coins, ask permission. The first couple Istriked out on with locked gates, absent homeowners, etc. Queen Ukena had told us what time to be home for dinner. We’ve been married for 14 years now and I have learned that you don’t want to show up late or miss dinner. Anyways it was about 6:15 and dinner was at 7. I quickly noticed a property that I have been wanting to detect had a car in the drive. We were greeted by a nice young lady who granted permission. It’s an old house on a hill that was very well kept. There were two kids, a yellow lab, and plenty of room to roam. This particular home sits 125 yards or so off the road. The yard is full of old, big, hardwoods. Walnuts and acorns were everywhere. After conversing with the owner I got to swinging and the yard was quite clean. I only had 30 minutes or so and I dug some old copper and brass whatsits. I made plans to make a return trip and I am looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading and have a great Monday.

*\_ Steveouke


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