In and out of a funk.

I felt inspired to write this morning because lately I’ve been in a funk about metal detecting. Exactly a month ago I managed to cut my thumb pretty good in the table saw. This little event kept me out of the field for 3 weeks or so. This past weekend the Wheat State Treasure Hunters held a class for the City of Wichita. It was our smallest class yet but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome. I find these classes to be quite rewarding. I have lost track of the number of classes we’ve done but I can tell you that I haven’t heard any negative response from anyone. I think people truly enjoy our class! Teaching class this weekend seems to have brought me out of the funk I had been in. I’m not sure why the funk started whether it was not being able to use my right thumb for anything, the less than desirable weather we have had, or just life being busy and occupying my mind elsewhere. Anyways I feel like getting out and doing some detecting. Hopefully the weather will stabilize and we will have some nice mornings for getting out and finding some cool stuff.

\_ Thanks for reading