Kicking in-Vlog #1

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that I am going to integrate a Vlog into my Blog. I am going to take a different approach than most in regards to finds. I may show my finds every once in awhile but I want to focus more on the hobby as a whole. I have always been surprised about how many views my simple blog gets and I’m hoping that between reading and watching my site will be complete for anyone in or getting into the hobby. That being said I have launched the first Vlog entry and you can see it here. If you want to not miss a Vlog entry hit the subscribe button. I guess my end hope is that I can do some product reviews, news, and general information about the hobby.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to where this is going.

Steve *\_

8 thoughts on “Kicking in-Vlog #1

  1. Steve love it….great idea. I also love the sharing what you do at the coffee shop. I used to get a lot of tips and permissions by doing the same thing back in NJ.. Also kept talking it up at work. The more people that know the better your chances.

    1. Thanks Dick, I’ve been so consumed that detecting had taken a back seat. Now I’m ready to get rolling and find some stuff. Any great ideas to get into the product review sector?

  2. Steve, all I can think if is contacting all the manufacturers, making them aware of your blog, and how YOU might be able to help THEM. I am no longer relevant and any contacts I had are now retired or no longer in the business.

    Sorry, wish I could be of more help….

    1. No longer relevant huh… I know some folks that would disagree. I for one love reading your blog. It’s a great source of thoughts and opinions!

  3. Thanks Steve, that’s kind of you to say. Thoughts and opinions are about all I have anymore, and they sometimes get me in trouble.,,,

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