Site Selection and Researching

In this episode I look at a property that has caught my attention for several months. Using Google Earth and the resources I mentioned in my previous post I figured out the history of the property. I give just a few clues as to what originally caught my attention. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Site Selection and Researching

  1. Steve, probably someone local who looks after that land. Might be a better choice than writing to a very large company….? Just a thought.

    1. Dick, It is funny you mention that. As I delved further and further into research I have learned that the land is planned for development over the next couple of years. I have sent an email to the Development organization in hopes that they will allow me to detect it before and during development. In situations like this I have to wonder if that is the right move. Sometimes I have the “ask for forgiveness later” theory on properties that are destined to be changed in the near future.

      1. Always a tough call on those corporate owned sites…odds are your letter will get lost there but then again you never know. I currently have three such letters out now and plan to do a post about them soon. They’re written with a little twist….will let you know if and when I get it done.

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