Teknetics Minuteman Part 1 of ???

Good evening guys. I wanted to share this vlog about the Teknetics Minuteman. If you have any questions about the machine or metal detecting in general feel free to email me at stevessunkentreasures@gmail.com. I have the detector for a month to review it and I’m going to be really putting it through it’s paces. If you’ve never had a detector and you are thinking about getting a good entry level machines that are easy to use check them out at http://www.tekneticsdirect.com ¬†and use promo code A1493 to get some special pricing especially for the 4th of July specials that they have running.


2 thoughts on “Teknetics Minuteman Part 1 of ???

  1. You redesigned the web page! Ah and you are behind on your posts, it’s August already. Hey, I haven’t forgotten your package, I have been dealing with a bunch of stuff.

    1. I know I am behind on posts. Over the last two weeks I have been putting some time into my pickup truck which consisted of dropping the transmission on my chest, smashing a finger to blackness, and installing the wrong brake booster thanks to the parts professionals at the local discount parts store…. On a lighter note, I am digging the Teknetics machine. What do you think of the new webpage look?

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