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I am an early 30’s outdoor lover. I am a husband and father of 3 sons. My two oldest sons and I love being outdoors. We fill our time with fishing, camping, geocaching, and metal detecting. I started this blog to share all of my outdoor activities. Ever since I got my first metal detector last year it travels everywhere I go. That being said you can expect a bunch of “treasure” stories. There is something extremely exciting about knowing it could be a silver coin or gold ring that is making your detector go crazy. Or as I learned very early it could be a phone line…..

21 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. i am tim i live in derby i hunt with a garrett 250 also love to talk to ya ill check back for reply i am in my 40s wife and kids also cant wait fo reply

    1. Tim, thanks for looking at the blog! I will send you an email with my phone number and stuff. Have you checked out the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum? There must be 20-30 members from Wichita Metro area on it.

      1. Steve,
        I missed the Wheat State Treasure Hunters “Hunt Meeting” and I am truly sorry, as the next month will probably be cold as the dickens. If you were having another hunt, or meeting, it would be nice to get a little more notice. I live a distance from Wichita and it takes some planning to get to an event. I hope, in the future, to hunt with you and some of the other members. I am looking forward to any event that involves the topic of metal detecting. Drop me an email if you know of anyone looking for some company on a hunt. I am the attendee that uses a DFX.
        I am amazed at the effort you put into promoting this hobby. I hope you do not run out of the energy or enthusiasm.

      2. Joseph, last months hunt was a little different because of the top secret location that the individual with permission didn’t want to put out early. Sorry if that didn’t give you enough time to get here. Moving forward we will keep that in mind. If you are on Facebook I would suggest posting on there if you would like someone to hunt with. There is usually somebody looking to get out.

  2. What a great little blog!…I have recently just taken up treasure hunting with my son and I am hooked! We have found all kinds of goodies…mainly pennies, nickels and such but now I am finding myself looking at old routes and trails. I bought my son a junior bounty hunter..and a month later I bought myself an adult bounty hunter. Well..happy hunting and I will check back in! Casey

  3. Hello Steve, I must say I truly enjoy all the love and friendship in your posts. Thank You, 63bkpkr/Herb

    1. Dick, thank you for the words of encouragement. I really enjoyed listening to your interview the other night on American Digger. I can’t imagine what it was like being on the forefront of the hobby. I also now have a better understanding of your thoughts on archaeologists. You have been there and tried to work with them!

  4. Great site Steve! I just started MD last October with an Ace 250, still silver poor except for a silver ring. I upgraded my Ace 250 with a Detect 10 x 14 excelerator coil with pretty good results with depth and target separation. (not sure about any coins deeper than 6″ though) I would love to hear your thoughts and experience digging “iffy” signals. My 2013 goal is to find my first silver coin, let alone 100! Good luck from us in Missouri!

    1. David, Digging “iffy” signals has produced several very cool items for me over the last year. I would encourage you to spend more time researching your sites if you are not finding silver. When I am on a site that should produce more than it is I dig deeper iffy signals. If a location is only 50 years old I dont dig as many deep iffies. I have never used a coil as large as the one you are using but I do know that bigger coils find bigger targets and they don’t detect smaller objects as well.

      1. I’m fortunate enough to live on a street where the newest house was built sometime around 1914, earliest 1850’s. (according to the fire insurance maps of this city) In my yard alone I’ve found 4 wheats, 1 buffalo and a two cent piece (date corroded). I’m starting to believe some coins may be deeper and a little harder for the ace 250 to ID. I noticed the junk your digging is very similar to mine which were one way signals or a little jumpy. I was looking to see if you have developed any patterns for digging iffy signals and finds. BTW the larger coil hasn’t hindered finding or picking up smaller targets by a long shot. You can ask my son about a couple of our “I want to know what that signal is ” moments šŸ™‚ I was reminded we had found a clad dime at 7-8″ Thanks for the reply and we are looking forward to following your success this year,

  5. Hi Steve, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and find it very interesting and informative. I’ve been wanting to get into this hobby for quite some time and and about to make the plunge….I’m sure I’ll make a fool out of myself starting out but as long as I’m enjoying myself who cares right? LOL
    Keep up the good work.
    ~Steve R.

    1. Steve, I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Don’t worry about making a fool out of yourself. It’s all about getting out in the great outdoors and enjoying it. Finding cool stuff in the ground helps.. Are you in the Wichita Area?

      1. Yes, I’m in Wichita……East side…I just need to go pick out a detector somewhere and start the process of collecting the proper gear…then figure out what I’m doing..LOL .I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this and am fascinated by history so I’m looking to getting into this hobby and seeing what I may discover.

  6. Steve R. …. It’s a great pastime, and no need to worry about making a fool out of yourself. You may feel that way initially, but I guarantee you that once you find a few neat things that will change. No matter the job, or pastime, everyone has to start at the beginning. Go for it….you won’t be sorry.

  7. Steve,
    Thanks for the reply, and I understand the nature of keeping a site secret. What is the Facebook address that you mentioned for findings a hunting partner? Because I am a shift worker it is hard to find a person to hunt with. Thanks again dirt three reply and any leads you have will be followed.

  8. Hello Steve!
    I love your blog. Great articles with so much good info. I was hoping to get in touch with you and hoping that you could send me a quick email!

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