July 4th 2012..

5:30- wake up and travel to Monte Cristo Creek. South of Breckenridge between Alma and Blue River
5:55- finish the hike into the place that I was hoping to get about 11 pounds of paydirt. I quickly find the area. This is one of the first places to ever produce gold in Colorado. It quickly became known as a small placer mine. People quickly moved onto mines that produced larger Lode deposits. The mine only operated for a couple of years. The interesting thing to me was that the state tried to re-route the stream flow in the 60’s without success. There were many eroded streams that couldn’t be contained!
9:00 am- We head to town for the big fourth of July celebration.

This is possibly the biggest small town Independence day celebration I have ever seen. It starts out with 750+ bicyclists racing in the Firecracker 50. From what I learned this is a 50 mile on/off road race with many brackets to keep the competition fierce!

This town rallies the full day in Celebration. The start of the race was followed by a parade that was quite impressive! The boys and I were amazed at the off road rescue teams.

After the parade ended everyone scattered around the historic downtown for a free open air concert by the Nitty Gritty Dirtband and all kinds of kids festivities. I managed to shoot some video of both boys. You can check them out here and here. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great day of celebrating our Independence as a country!





Ahhh yeah!

Well today we drove the 62_? miles and made it to Breckenridge. I have spent many family vacations in Colorado without knowing alot about it’s history. I should have paid more attention when I was younger! I am really interested to see what this week holds. Coins, nuggets, flour, flakes, or jewelry! Or maybe a combination of many.. Finds or no finds it should be a great week for fun and relaxing!

Ready, Set, so close to go time!

Well tonight was exciting for the Ukena boys. We bought our Panning set. We ended up buying the Garrett Gold panning set. For the money it seems like a very good deal. Once the boys saw the packaging that includes huge nuggets in the pan they got excited. This reminded me of the Whites metal detectors TV adverts that show people casually and nonchalantly pulling treasures out of the ground every few feet! The Garrett set includes the following.

Classifier with 1/2″ grid
Two pans- one at 14″ and one at 10″
Gold guzzler suction bottle
Two vials that will not fit the nuggets represented on packaging..
One pair of tweezers with a magnifying glass.

I bought this set specifically for the two pans. Having two pans means that the boys can pan right along with me!

When we got home the boys were amped up to practice their panning skills. I promptly headed out to the garage and cut into a shotgun shell to get some pseudo treasure. Then I went to the strawberry patch and picked up some various soils. Then a big bucket to get the party started. After practicing with the pans the boys are stoked to find gold! The pans seem very easy to use and very sturdy. I can’t wait to sit down by a cool, quiet, peaceful body of water in the mountains!

Happy hunting, I mean panning, or treasure hunting. How ever you do it, GOOD LUCK!



Well, I sit here tonight at 11:33 and wonder if it is too late for getting out and starting a hunt! It all started this morning when I left my trusty Garrett┬áin my wife’s “Swagger Wagon”. That left me without my detector for lunch. It ended up being a mute topic because I was busy meeting clients over lunch. I then got home and tried to get out after dinner. The ending of dinner quickly meant getting kids ready for bed. After the first two items had ceased we had to talk about vacation plans. We are planning a trip to Colorado this summer and I’m thinking metal detecting in Colorado cannot be that bad… Especially in an area that gets pounded with skiing enthusiasts all winter long. Needless to say this hobby is addictive enough that I really miss it if I don’t get to satisfy my urge to dig for the day. Long story short I have been stuck in a building all day with the exception of driving around Wichita and battling the traffic. I need to get out and swing my thing!