Show the real you!!

Tonight Kolton and I hit one of the local parks after digging a few pieces of clad that was minted in the early 70s I realized that the opportunity for silver was there. All the older clad was at a depth of around 4 inches. After digging a penny that was at 4-5 inches I got a really strong silver signal at 3 inches. I dug my plug and flipped it over. Much to my surprise the pinpointer hit a fairly solid object in the bottom of the plug. It was dark and Kolton and I both said Silver! We could see some wording on the outside of the ring and a mark on the inside. We continued to hunt and ended up with $.42 worth of clad and one beautiful FAKEsilver ring! Show the real you! I am tired of digging fake jewelry!



Today over lunch I detected at an old park in Wichita. I was going along picking up some clad coins and got a penny reading at 6″. Knowing the park is older, I decided to dig. The Ace was making such a solid signal I thought it would be worth investigating. I dug my plug and found a nice big golden eagle. I do believe it is plated… Between this and the large fake silver pendant I found last night I am going nuts!! Where is the real stuff?