Ohhh me oh my oh..

Well, I wish I was writing to say that I have had fabulous hunts finding caches of gold and silver… Sorry to break the bad news to you but I haven’t. I haven’t been hunting much but the home improvement projects seem to be slowing a bit. I’m in the process of building a rustic oak vanity for the bathroom in the basement. I don’t want to say I love building things but it definitely isn’t a nightmare. The time has been spent explaining dadoes, rabbet joints, and half lap joints to my 12 year old. He gets bored learning but he has enjoyed seeing the project come together. I did manage to find some time to hunt at the Wheat State Treasure Hunters November hunt. It was nice. The only work I really had to do was send out a group email with a map and time. We showed up and started hunting. There were 12-15 people there and it was nice looking around seeing people finding coins. We had people from all different levels of knowledge working a site of 8 empty lots. I dug a couple of wheat cents and an interesting coin from 1944 British ruled India. There were guys finding silver rosies, silver Washingtons, and older wheats. I wasn’t worried though. It was just nice to see everyone out enjoying themselves. Anyways I’m proud of where the club has come from and what it has turned into. At any rate, Good times were had and I look forward to doing it again.

Happy Hunting and watch out for the table saw blade. It can bite and it will hurt.

Steveouke *\_

The slump and permissions

Well the last couple of days have been interesting. I finally got permission to detect a property that I have been wanting to detect for over a year. Kind of.. To make a long story short I met an elderly gentleman who was good friends with another elderly guy who had a house in town that was built in 1890. Anyways one of the elderly gentleman is taking care of the property while the owner is a state away due to his health declining. He said I could hunt it and he even joined me while there for a short time. Needless to say his permission wasn’t good enough for the law and they asked me to get signed permission from the landowner. I have mixed feelings on this and according to the way the law is written I wasn’t doing anything criminally wrong. However I can understand the officers stand point because they were asked to “keep an eye” on the place. I will seek permission from the landowner before returning. This isn’t the first time I have had this happen. I once door knocked a house and got permission. I proceeded to find a Barber quarter. Shortly after I learned the person who gave me permission was a renter and the landowner wouldn’t allow me to finish. Trespassing laws have quite a grey area in them that could be twisted many ways. Play it safe and get permission from the landowner

I spent about two hours on this property and dug 9 wheat pennies of various ages. I am sad to report that I didn’t find any silver. In fact I haven’t found silver in a month. It’s my longest slump since beginning in the hobby. Hopefully it will end soon!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Where there is wheat there is….

Well, tonight I want to write on my newest frustration. I have been hunting some pretty good sites and the silver is eluding me. I have dug 10 wheats and 2 Indian pennies in the last week or so. These coins range from 1905-1958.. I’m not complaining because I love the Indian Head pennies. My mind goes back to a lunch hunt I had with Pulltab Miner when I had just started detecting. We were hunting an older park in Wichita and I had the privelege of seeing him dig an Indian Head. I was quickly amazed because I had never seen one before. I now love seeing the wreaths on the back of a copper coin. Now, I have heard many people say that where there are wheat pennies there is silver. I completely agree with them but I sure wish I could prove it to myself. I know that everyone goes through slumps but man there are a few coins on my wish list for the year and I think I am in the right places to find them. Patience will pay off.

Wheat State Treasure Hunters

I wanted everyone to know that I had a great time at our fist meeting. I look forward to see the group progresses in the future. I would like to say that I am having a little trouble getting a news source to cover our “stand up, clean up” initiative. If you happpen to know someone locally in the media please give them the clubs contact info.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

Sunday equals cool digs

Where to start… I guess at about 8:30 this morning! Kolton and I went to the site I started at late last night. I detected in the opposite direction that I did last night. I focused on a small (30 x 30) area of the large lot. We hunted for about an hour and a half and the hunt yielded three wheats and a blue Tootsie Toy roadster. I was only digging the best sounding high tones. When I got home I was inspecting the wheat cents and couldn’t quite make out the date on one of them. It was either a 1914 or 1916.. Queen Ukena and I agreed that I should clean it to a point that I could see it. I got the mintmark identified before the year and it was a D. We were both hoping for a 1914D.. I continued cleaning and it ended up being a 1916D… Deflate! You can check wheat penny values here.

Later in the day the youngest Ukena boy went down for his nap. The oldest Ukena boys were just lounging around our hacienda. I decided to hit this site again because I knew it held silver.i even mentioned this to Patton from the forum. I again focused my attention on the same section of ground. I was digging tones that were not perfect and clear. I dug alot more trash but I also dug deeper coins. Then I got a clean, pure, belltone out of the Ace 250. The signal was reading penny/dime at 8+ inches and then it settled at 6″. I want to make a side note here. I had dug probably 20 coins out of this area already and the deepest one was 5″. Anyways I cut my plug and pull out a 1919 liberty dime! I love these coins! No matter how many of them I dig I love seeing lady liberty on the face of them. The third pass over this section yielded 1 silver, 3 more wheats, 2 old nickels, and a half of a tootsie toy. The picture with the finds on a paper towel are from the third trip only.

For those of you that read PulltabMiners blog you know that he has been writing quite a bit about the chances of a site being hunted out. I have to say that I am starting to agree with him. All in all I have dug 50-60 coins out of this small 30 x 30 area. On the second and third trips I was digging coins 5-6 inches from other targets I dug in previous trips. Do I dare say that the more you hunt a place, the more it reveals?

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

Steve *\_