Why I am wide awake at 3:57 AM

Well to start this post out I want to say that I took a day of vacation from work today. I shouldn’t be awake at 4 in the morning. However there is something inside of me that makes it impossible to sleep on days like this. It is called excitement. It happens any time I have the opportunity to spend a day outdoors. Today Kolton and I are planning a fishing trip to one of the local state lakes! I am totally excited to spend the day fishing, metal detecting, and just enjoying nature in general. The lake we are going to has been in use since 1955. I have caught many fish out of the lake. With the recent rains we have had I am certain that we will catch some fish. This particular lake is also a very popular camping spot. I am sure we will swing the Garrett around and try to find some coins, relics, and jewelry. What else could one ask for? The GPS coords are loaded up in the Iphone and we put fresh monofilament on the rods and reels last night. Stay tuned to see how our day goes!