Well, I sit here tonight at 11:33 and wonder if it is too late for getting out and starting a hunt! It all started this morning when I left my trusty Garrett┬áin my wife’s “Swagger Wagon”. That left me without my detector for lunch. It ended up being a mute topic because I was busy meeting clients over lunch. I then got home and tried to get out after dinner. The ending of dinner quickly meant getting kids ready for bed. After the first two items had ceased we had to talk about vacation plans. We are planning a trip to Colorado this summer and I’m thinking metal detecting in Colorado cannot be that bad… Especially in an area that gets pounded with skiing enthusiasts all winter long. Needless to say this hobby is addictive enough that I really miss it if I don’t get to satisfy my urge to dig for the day. Long story short I have been stuck in a building all day with the exception of driving around Wichita and battling the traffic. I need to get out and swing my thing!