Teknetics Minuteman Part 1 of ???

Good evening guys. I wanted to share this vlog about the Teknetics Minuteman. If you have any questions about the machine or metal detecting in general feel free to email me at stevessunkentreasures@gmail.com. I have the detector for a month to review it and I’m going to be really putting it through it’s paces. If you’ve never had a detector and you are thinking about getting a good entry level machines that are easy to use check them out at http://www.tekneticsdirect.com ¬†and use promo code A1493 to get some special pricing especially for the 4th of July specials that they have running.


Motorcycling metal detectorist

This morning was the first day of trying to transport the new shovel. Everything worked out well! The Saddleman bag works quite well. However I am quite disappointed in the build quality. The material is fraying around the zippers and it is fading extremely fast due to UV. I revert back to my earlier posts where I mentioned internal support and a rain cover. It still amazes me that this bag can fit all of the following though.

– Garrett Ace 250
– Headphones
– Lesche
– Pin pointer
– Shovel
– Rainsuit
– My daily marketing materials (I am a salesperson)

This makes me happy because both motorcycling and metal detecting keep me calm and sane! If I was trapped inside all day and only driving a car my mind wouldn’t be the same!