Research and organizing

Well yesterday the central KS area got round 1 of a two part winter storm. My area got 3 inches of snow and they are calling for more overnight. The weather forecasts say we could have 6-9 more inches. This does not make me happy because I can’t get out and swing my gizmo. That being said I want to talk about a couple other topics.

When the weather turns bad, I like to do research. Here is a small list of my downtime items.
1. Reading historical maps- here I am looking for things that I have missed before and new areas. My suggestion is pick a township that neighbors yours.
2. Contact landowners- go ahead and contact owners of properties you have spotted or are the result of item 1.
3. Clean your gear up- check for damage, charge all batteries, or straighten out your bent shovel. That shovel story is for a future post.

Organize-some of my readers may already read Dick Stouts blog. If you haven’t I would highly encourage you to do so. Dick is a long time detectorist who has very strong opinions about having a political activist group for metal detecting. Across the country detectorists are getting banned from parks and other areas. Whether this happens in your area or not, I think it would be a good idea to do something about it. I personally think writing letters to politicians is something anyone could do. Lately TreasureFiend posted a video about such an instance in Chicago. I think everyone should take a moment to watch it here. I agree with Mr. Stouts views on the whole situation. We shouldn’t sit back and watch these actions happen without a fight.

Happy Hunting once all the snow melts!