Sunshine, Struggles, and Caches

Below is our latest vlog posting. Needless to say it has been a humbling week of trying to fill our frying pan! Any tips for catching prespawn bluegill and other panfish? Feel free to let us know!


Running in parallels with an occasional back flip

Tonight lets talk about hobbies, fun, and parallels. I have many hobbies that take place outdoors. Today I started thinking about the joy and fun they bring to my life. I then started tying all the strings together… Here you go.

Metal detecting and Fishing:

Both require you to know what you are looking for and where to find it. You don’t try to catch a big bass in a new pond that was just stocked with fingerlings. Likewise looking for ancient roman coins in the local playground probably isn’t going to pay off.

You can tell someone where you found “treasure”, but if they don’t know how to catch fish they will be casting without success. Theory holds true for dirtfishing as well!

Detecting and RC planes:

You can have the biggest and baddest machine. However, if you don’t know how to use it I doubt you will get the results you want. I believe this is where we can bring fun into the equation. If I had a $500+ plane or a detector that pushed the $2,000 mark would I still be able to go out and have fun? I think for a person that hasn’t put in the time to learn a hobby it would be stressful. I wouldn’t want to fly a plane that had cost me that much. I would always wander why my fancy detector doesn’t find treasure all the time.

Geocaching and treasure hunting:

These two go hand in hand better than the others.. If you have never gone geocaching I will explain. People hide a cache in a small container. They give you GPS coordinates to get you in the right area. You still have to use your imagination and clues to find it. Does this sound familiar to those people that search for caches on a regular basis? Eventually you start learning where and how someone would have hid their “treasure”.

All in all I’m perfectly content with my plane and Ace250. I can grab either one of them and go have fun. In the end isn’t that what hobbies are for? I for one enjoy relaxed detecting, flying, and fishing. So if you find yourself stressing about a hobby it may be time to reevaluate why and how you are doing it.

Get Social:

I have done all above hobbies alone, with family, and with a group of friends. I can confidently say that the company you may or may not keep effects the level of enjoyment you have.

Just FYI 16mph winds are too stiff to fly my RC plane. That is where the backflip comes in. It is a nice beginner plane that doesn’t break easily and can be put back together very quickly. This is good because if it had been a high dollar gas plane I wouldn’t be able to type this post because my eyes would be full of tears!

Thanks for reading; now go enjoy a hobby or two!

Just get… Outside

Well today was a great day to be outside. The morning started with a trip to a location that has been nicknamed “Silver City”. This site has been producing silvers fairly consistently. The hunt didn’t let me down today. I dug a 1936 wheat and a 1946 Roosevelt dime.
Today’s Coins

I also found a lipstick case that I believe dates back to the 1940’s. Color included!


Upon arriving back home Queen Ukena was a little upset that the “short hunt” had taken four hours. A conversation took place about the amount of time i have been spending detecting. This got me thinking. I started reflecting on my finds over the last year. For those that have followed my blog over the last year, you know that my good finds didn’t start until about 4 months into detecting. And the last 3-4 months I have been more consistent than all previous months. I think this is due to the quality of sites I have been hunting. I did some rough figures of how much time I have hunted over the last year. I would venture to say I have detected 350-400 hours over the year. That would be about 7 hours a week. I think what this means is that I will have to find and hunt only the most prime sites. I am certain that my little Ace and I can make our goal for the year even if we reduce hours spent and increase the quality of our sites.

Later in the day the two oldest Ukena boys and I went into Derby and played disc golf. This is another activity that we enjoy a couple times a year. We then went looking for Geocache called Arbor Lands geocode GCQARB. This was a fun hunt. We had to cross a mostly dry creek and then try to find the cache. We spent about 40 minutes searching for it but came up
empty handed.

All in all it was a great day to be outside! Now the challenge is to get Queen Ukena outdoors with us!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Steveouke *\_

2012- The final hoorah!

As 2012 comes to a close I was reflecting on my family, hobbies, and friends. I decided a simple video would work well. Enjoy it here!

Be safe tonight and hopefully 2013 goes as well or better than 2012!

Awwww. Hello weekend!

Well I am glad to see the weekend! I have been extremely busy at work and I have had little time to relax. My lovely bride and our foreign exchange student left for the annual Kansas City shopping trip tonight. This leaves the three Ukena boys and I alone for the weekend. We have plans to get outdoors and have some fun! First thing in the morning will be a pancake feed to support the American Legion Riders and the Patriot guard. The pancake feed will be held in Mulvane which is where the Patriot guard started. You can see more info here!

I’m sure that geocaching and metal detecting will take place afterwards.

My finds for the week have been slim. I did manage to hunt over a couple of lunch breaks. My only notable find came as PulltabMiner blessed me with his presence at Linwood park. This is the park in Wichita that Redd (youtube user Reddcent59) has dug seated coins out of. My find wasn’t that big but I still loved it. Treasure came in the form of a 1918 wheat penny. I still love digging them. Mine unfortunately did not have a mint mark.

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!

At what age?

With today being my birthday I have been reflecting on age of course. Yesterday I was talking to a very good friend and he mentioned his mind is telling him to go 110% in his hobby but his body was saying a different number. I have many outdoor hobbies and they are all a little taxing on the body. For those who say fishing isn’t a sport. GET REAL! Hour after hour of casting, battling wind, rain, and the mental game.. It’s a sport. When I got my metal detector my wife said “you’re not old enough for that” I kind of agreed because in my mind it was a retirement activity. Well I can say that much like any outdoor activity it takes more effort than one sees from a distance. I have woke up with backaches after going out for 5-6 hours. My hands cramp up from digging small fence post sized holes all day. I had to chuckle at the individual I bought my detector from. The lady had purchased it for her husband who used it for one day, only to realize that he was too old for the hobby. My hope is that I have many many years left in all of my outdoor activities. Hiking for a geocache, fishing, and metal detecting. Get outside and enjoy all the Lord created for us!