Talking two wheels, detecting, and geocaching

Tonight I want to discuss a few things about two wheels.. For those of you that have followed my blog for awhile you know I love two wheels with a motor. Like many kids I grew up on two wheels without a motor. I can honestly say I haven’t spent much time on a bicycle since I was 14-15 years old. Recently my Queen mentioned going on family bike rides. I instantly said lets do it! I always loved riding bikes and spent many hours a day on them when younger. There was only one problem. I didn’t own a bike. Finding a bicycle without spending a fortune was a challenge. The biggest problem was that I needed a small or extra small frame. These bikes are not easy to find used. I ended up finding a bike I liked at Dicks. It is a Nishiki Pueblo with a 16″ frame which is pushing my limit. Now given I didn’t buy my bike from a bike shop I got home and instantly started checking nuts, bolts, shifting, and other adjustments. It struck me that I was doing a T-CLOCS inspection on my bicycle. For those that have never been through a motorcycle safety class take a look at the diagram below (you should do it on your car as well). I am excited to be back on the non motorized bike; so much so that I took my shiki for a nice three mile ride to get a few a few groceries this evening. I look forward to spending time as a family adventuring places a car just cannot go.

Don’t think I would put out a post that didn’t talk metal detecting. I already have plans to get a detector bag so that I can ride to the multiple sites I have within a few miles of home. It is quite obvious that doing some pedaling won’t hurt my physique any! I also think it would be fun to take the bikes out geocaching. I wander who makes an Iphone mount for a bicycle?

Happy hunting whether it be metal detecting, geocaches, or just peace of mind and relaxation!

*\_ Steveouke


Steve spent a saturday in silver city with his sons.. What did Steve find?

Today marked the first day of Spring break for the Ukena kiddos. The day started early when Queen Ukena left with two kiddos for Minnesota to visit family. The two oldest Ukena boys and I planned out our day. We started by setting a goal. We wanted to hit the 200 found geocache mark. This meant we needed to find 6 caches today. We started with a few close to home. We then returned home for some lunch. After doing some household chores we headed to Silver City. Silver City is a large site that has produced many silver coins. I met up with another area hunter and we started in an area that has produced in the past. We both quickly found a wheat penny or two. In the end we pulled 5 wheats but no silver. The boys and I then headed to Stearman Field to enjoy dinner and the Big 12 championship game. Needless to say it was a great day outdoors and with the boys. They should not have any trouble sleeping tonight!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading.

Steve *\_

Where to hunt?? Depends what you are hunting…

Well this weekend has been a great weekend to be outdoors. We started Friday morning with fishing. We chased bass for 6 hours and didn’t catch any of them. We then hunted at a park in Douglass KS. We picked up some clad and met a very nice metal detectorist while there. Saturday afternoon I hunted some ballfields in town. I had always stayed away from the actual ball fields because I wasn’t confident in my retrieval skills. I have been missing out.. I pulled a fair amount of clad out of one of them!! I still have several more to hunt! After church my lovely wife needed to go to Target. The boys and I opted to go geocaching. The first cache we went to is a matchstick container in the bottom of a chainlink fence post. How do you get that out? Giving up for lack of tools, we went and found a couple more quick and easy ones. I finally got to swing the Garrett tonight at 8:30. I managed to find $.80 cents in an hour or so. Not a huge amount but the alone time was much needed! Thanks for reading, now get outdoors and play!