Getting partnered

Good evening everyone. I wanted to write this blog post to let everyone know about a recent partnership I’ve made with Teknetics Metal Detectors. I have never owned a Teknetics machine but I have heard nothing except good things about them and I’ve thought about purchasing one in the past. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a loaner detector to review from Teknetics Direct. I am also looking forward to the future opportunities of field testing their new equipment before it goes to market. I was talking to Mr. Dick Stout about this relationship and he mentioned that Teknetics had a great reputation for their quality.

Now you may be asking what a partnership means. I want to be transparent about the relationship so nobody thinks that I exclusively promote Teknetics equipment. As mentioned above the partnership is mostly about reviewing/testing their equipment. The only caveat is that buy using my PROMO CODE on their website when ordering equipment you can get specials ranging from $50 off + free shipping to just free shipping. This partnership benefits me by the company giving me a commission on referrals. That being said I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to shop their website and see if you need anything. The site features a metal detector for any budget. So do some browsing on Teknetics site and if you decide to make a purchase enter the code A1493 in the promo code section to get your special pricing and help me out.

It has always amazed me how great the people in the metal detecting community are and I hope that you enjoy Teknetics new site.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

Steveouke *\_

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Site Selection and Researching

In this episode I look at a property that has caught my attention for several months. Using Google Earth and the resources I mentioned in my previous post I figured out the history of the property. I give just a few clues as to what originally caught my attention. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

Really how lazy are we!!

I would like to vent for a second.. Are we as a society so lazy and self righteous that we don’t pick up after ourselves.. I decided to metal detect at the local football field that the pee wees play on and the adult pee wees spectate. There must be some really lazy, self centered, nose in the air, people out there! Here is why. I hunted in an area that was no bigger than 300 square feet. Within that area I dug about 40 pull tabs from soda cans, 6 fully crushed cans that were buried, and 5 coins. That is not a very good trash to goods ratio. There is nothing that irritates me more than to get a good signal and dig a 6 inch hole only to find a crushed can sitting perfectly in the bottom of it. After I had dug 4 of these I started wondering why I had to dig them. There are a couple scenarios I came up with.

A: A kid finishes a soda and thinks they have to prove something and crushes it. Meanwhile his buddy distracts him and he forgets it. Almost excusable.

B: The peewee game finishes up and the family is loading into the vehicle. They have a couple cans and they don’t see a trash can. Out of pure laziness they leave them and decide that someone else will clean it up… NOT

I am guessing that both of these brief scenarios have happened. My question to litterers is this. What good could possibly come of this? You not having to deal with it? Grow up and quit being lazy. This makes our hobby less enjoyable. Maybe I should go to one of these sports fields with all the trash I have dug from them. I could throw it back at you while you watch little Jimmy run down field. Keep your hobby clean so our hobby will be more enjoyable. There I’m done.

What do you do on nights like this?

Well if you haven’t seen the weather a big line of storms have rolled across KS.  This has kept me inside all evening. On these nights I like to prepare for my next adventure. This means doing research, cleaning up my gear, and pondering on the whys and why not’s of metal detecting. Here are a few more details about what I do.

1- Research: My favorite way to research is to look at plat maps from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I have a few places that I have been eyeballing while honing my digging skills to the point I feel proficient enough to go on private property and ask permission. For example there is a church down the road that has been there since 1912. This particular church started out as a very small church. They have expanded but still have a huge lush, perfectly manicured lawn. I can only imagine that over the last 100 years many people have played games, had picnics, and dropped coins in that lawn. I drove by it tonight and using a hint from PullTabMiner noticed that the trees haven’t had fill dirt piled up around the trunks. In my mind I can’t wait to hunt this property.

2- Cleaning: I have the same philosophy on this as I do any mechanical device. If you take care of the equipment it will serve you better when you need it. This includes wiping down the Garrett Ace 250 and White’s pinpointer with a damp rag. I also like to take my shovels out and clean them up. It amazes me that no matter how careful you are your equipment will get dirty quickly.

3- Pondering: This where I like to reflect on the hunts of recent. Think it over in my head and get a better understanding of what happened. For instance, I hunted a piece of land where an old school house was it was on some 1905 plat maps and disappeared in 1915. The land is still owned by the township. The particular day I hunted it the weather was cold and damp. It was 18 degrees to be exact. Was my mind in the right place? I had only been using my metal detector for about two weeks and I’m sure I was moving way to fast. I will definitely be hunting this site again. Hopefully the weather will be great and I will be moving slower. Maybe I will find more than electrical connectors and trash.

As a rookie in this hobby it seems like so many other hobbies that it doesn’t take but a few minutes to learn how to use the detector but it may take years to master. The whole time being totally addictive! Don’t be Saucering!