“Rav”enous and “Germy”

Tonight I want to discuss my recent happenings. I haven’t been metal detecting but I have been plenty busy. At the beginning of January I decided to get a new vehicle. I ended up with a Toyota Rav4. I have been quite impressed with it over the last week or so. Last Thursday we had about a foot of snow fall. this would make the commute a little rough, or so I thought. The little Rav handled it amazingly well! Yesterday we got an additional 6″ of snow. Again the Rav handled it without a grunt or groan. Tonight after work I wanted to drive by one of my detecting sites to guess how long it would take before I could get around to detecting it. This took me down several miles of muddy, sloshy, slick roads. The Rav handled the mud better than I expected. It isn’t the biggest or baddest but it handles itself quite well!


Secondly I wanted to share another project that I have going. A couple of years ago my lovely bride and I made a bunch of salsa. It was great and I.. Well lets just say it didn’t last long at all! This year I have decided that we need to go bigger. I started some tomato seeds indoors a couple weeks ago. Over the last few days I have some new growth that will be ready for transplant into the garden in 8 weeks or so. I planted many seeds. Tomatos, jalapenos, and bell peppers that will turn into some great salsa eventually. I probably planted more than I needed but I’m sure I can find people willing to care for them. I look forward to better weather and getting back to metal detecting.


On a streak

Well I hate to say it but I am hating Kansas Weather right now! We have had rain for 3 days in a row. That means no geocaching, no metal detecting, and being outdoors just isn’t as much fun. I would tackle metal detecting in the rain if I had a fully waterproof detector. I would imagine that after a couple inches of rain it is difficult to dig a plug, retrieve your target, and fill your hole in and make it look nice. I am guessing it will take a day or two of rain free weather before the ground is perfect for digging. Maybe by the weekend the weather will be nice and we can get a group together for a hunt. I know that everyone will be ready for better weather! Doing research in Kansas until it gets better….