Wacky Wednesday Finds

Wednesday 4-9-14

This upcoming Friday marks 4 weeks until we close on our home that we sold. The bad news is that we still don’t have a home to move into. This creates some anxiety in the house as well as a certain level of uncertainness. This evening I got home from work and called a friend who wires houses to fix a couple of minor issues that came up in the home inspection that the buyers of our home wanted. We finished up at about 6:00 this evening and then the family had a bite to eat. You may call me crazy but the weather was perfect so I got out and went detecting. I haven’t detected in a few days and my mind was telling me that I needed some swing time. I asked if the Queen minded me going out and she said I should go before I drove her crazy… I went to a homesite that has produced silver and wheats in the past. It is a pretty gnarly site that has a ton of iron. I knocked on the door and asked the Homeowner if he minded me detecting for the evening. Permission was granted. I also saw Maggie. She is maturing nicely. She is getting bigger and seems to be doing well! The hunt started off pretty good digging a few pieces of clad. Then I found a target that I couldn’t identify. At first I thought it was a cap gun but looking closer I believe I found an old toy steam tractor.

Is it an old steamy?
Is it an old steamy?

Pic of a Case 25-75
Pic of a Case 25-75

Backwards C and E with AS in the middle.. Could it be a Case 25..
Backwards C and E with AS in the middle.. Could it be a Case 25..

Anyways Maybe you guys will see/know something more than I do about this find. The next target I dug is also kind of neat. It’s a dog tag from a neighboring city.

Photo of tonights non trash finds
Photo of tonights non trash finds

While hunting I realized that we are planning on moving to a neighboring city. I have mixed emotions on this because I have put a ton of time researching our area and I hate to leave these sites behind. I guess I will have to do new research wherever we end up. I now know why Mr. Stout misses his hunting grounds that he left 1,000s of miles away. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I could probably drive 20 minutes and be back on my sites. Of course I will miss sitting down and chewing the fat with the mature retired guys at the coffee shop in the morning as well. Rumor has it that the town we want to move to doesn’t have a coffee shop where you can get to know and learn from the old timers that remember details about the area back then…

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading.

*\_ Steveouke

What I need a title? I can’t think of one so the answer is no…

I haven’t been out hunting much but I have been keeping plenty busy. Last week I detected for a little while and found a token from somewhere between 1905-1920. It is from a store called Harris-Goar. It is an interesting token and an interesting story about the way they did business. I have to give credit to Pulltab Miner for helping me research this find and I am now familiar with google books. You can check it out by clicking on this link.

Backside of Harris-Goar token
Backside of Harris-Goar token

The "face(s)"
The “face(s)”

I joined up mid week with an area Treasure Hunter that shares his finds with me regularly and he seems to be a natural at sniffing out silver. He and his Dad are members of the Wheat State Treasure Hunters and he is working on a merit badge in communications for Boy Scouts. Please check out his blog here. I am confident that with a little encouragement he will continue his blog and it will become a favorite of yours. His blog is www.anthonysawesometreasures.wordpress.com

This morning I got out detecting with the two youngest boys and we decided to go to silver city. Silver city has produced many old coins and has a huge playground, soccer fields, and basketball courts which keep the boys occupied. I chose to hunt with the Ace 250 with the 5 x 8 coil on it. I have to tell you this is one of those sites that I thought was drying up but with that little coil the ground seemed to be more alive. I started out finding mostly clad but then I got a deeper coin signal. Sure enough it was a wheat penny. I then managed a deep nickel that ended up being a dateless Buffalo. In the end I didn’t find silver but I did end up with two wheats and the buffalo. The weather is warming and today was nice except for the massive amounts of wind that we experienced.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading

*\_ Steveouke

Rocking Out!

Yesterday afternoon I got out for about an hour and a half. I decided to go gold hunting in the local sports fields. I have hunted these sports fields for many, many hours. I only dug two high tones during the hunt which both ended up being tent stakes. Now I dug 30-40 mid and low tones. I managed a nickel, 15-20 pulltabs, and 15-20 pieces of foil. There are very few good repeatable signals left in this modern sports field. As I was finishing up and headed back to the truck I had an idea. I have no idea why I hadn’t thought of this before but what can I say. The parking area at these sports fields are approximately 3 soccer fields worth. I decided to try digging in it. I was surprised that it is about an inch worth of loose sand/gravel and then an extremely dense layer of crushed asphalt. I turned the sensitivity down on the detector and got to swinging. Over the next 10 minutes I dug 4-5 coins out of the loose stuff. My advice is to go ahead and detect these gravel lots. You never know when someone lost a ring while fiddling with keys or pulling off their gloves. I guess gold fever is setting in.

Speaking of gravel, rocks, and gold be sure to check out High Plains Prospectors for all your treasure hunting needs.

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading

*\_ Steveouke

Struggling on Sunday

Well after 3 evenings of battling with the hot water heater, taking down christmas lights, and taking care of all my other family duties I was ready for some detecting this afternoon. I decided to hit a site I detected a month or so again. Last time I was there Pulltab Miner and I both found Indian head pennies. Well today started off with the first target being a headstamp. This site is a iron infested mess. It became evident while digging some of the targets. It was easy to pull a square nail or two before finding the somewhat decent sounding signal. Anyways I was joined by another hunter and we had just got done digging a target when we saw a gentleman crossing the fence headed our way. As he approached he asked what we were doing and I told him. The next question was do you have permission and I said yes. He then informed us that he owned it and asked us to leave. Now here is a little back story. While researching this site I learned that it was owned by a family trust. I called the number on the GIS website and was told I needed to talk to another person to get permission. I talked to him and was granted permission. I explained this to the owner and he understood. He was nice about asking us to leave but I still don’t fully understand the reasoning. This is just another instance when I have gotten all permission I thought was needed only to get shut down. Now I’m not totally disappointed because the site hasn’t produced much but I do know the potential is there. Anyways todays hunt didn’t produce one coin but I did manage to find a bunch of metal.. The most interesting finds were the headstamps. 

The headstamps are as follows

A REM-UMC Economy 12 gauge (I believe this is the oldest of the 3 and probably dates from the 1910’s

A REM-UMC Shur Shot 12 gauge 

A Federal Hi Power 20 gauge

Now I believe that all of these shells were from 1910-1930. This tells me that the coins should still be in the same area. The school was on the 1885 plat map and the 1905 plat map. The town falls off the map shortly after that and a neighboring town blossoms. I’m guessing that this field got purchased with the school house and then turned into a recreation field. 

Anyways I stopped at another site on the way home that yielded 3 golf balls. 2 pulltabs, and a bunch of foil…


Hopefully detecting get’s better! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

Steveouke *\_


Welcome 2014.. Hope you are as good if not better than the last…

Well it seems as though 2013 is out and 2014 is in.. Or at least it will be shortly! I have to be honest when I say that I am stoked for next year. I have been in the crazy metal detecting hobby for a couple of years now and I still have a passion for it. 2013 has brought me to many new things I enjoy and has solidified my passion for metal detecting. If you have read my blog consistently you will remember that I set out a goal of 100 silver coins for the year. You can tell by my totals page that I missed the mark greatly. I believe with every fiber in my body that I jinxed myself by harassing Pulltab Miner when I had an early lead.. Looking back it makes perfect sense. He had just gotten his beloved Maurice and hadn’t learned all of her intricacies. Overall I’m perfectly OK with the lack of silver. There have been many things that have happened over the last year that makes up for it. Miner and I had this crazy idea of starting a metal detecting club and it has gone very well. We started Wheat State Treasure Hunters back in April of this year and I am quite proud of the things we have accomplished. I do believe that 2014 will be a great year for our club and Wichita folks who enjoy the metal detecting hobby in our area. On that note, I would encourage everyone to get involved in the political side of our hobby. We all know that a group of people can make their voice heard and that is exactly what our hobby needs. I personally have enjoyed all the detecting activity on Facebook, 1000mikes, and reading through several blogs on a regular basis that have to do with detecting. It seems that there are many, many, great people in the hobby that are wanting the same thing. I am confident that with all of the social media outlets a pretty powerful group will come out of it. Hopefully it happens sooner than later!

When it gets down to it I feel like I have matured as a detectorist but my finds haven’t really shown it. I have been doing more research, getting permissions on better properties, and making new friends who enjoy the same nutty hobby I do. This is why I am totally stoked for next year.

I must throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to my family for supporting my crazy hobby! Without them I would have nothing in life and I am blessed that they understand (Kind of)… My Queen will probably never understand why I’m so obsessed with this hobby but she understands that I enjoy it and she allows me to do it. Thanks Babe!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great 2014!

*\_ Steveouke

Whew.. What a week!

Well I have had an extremely exciting week thus far. Monday I received an email that I have secretly been hoping would come for quite some time. The email was short, sweet, and to the point. The title of the email was “Your German Knife find”. The subject was referring to the pocket knife I found in my post, Sprechen Sie Deutsch.. A german revival. It seems as though the Author of the email worked for Kassborher whom the knife was made for. He gave me his phone number and said if I wanted to know more about the knife that I could call him. Of course I called him Monday evening on my way home. He started telling me about the rich history of Kassborher and all of their entities. The gentlemen has a knife that is very similar. Well let’s be honest he has 30-40 of the knifes that are new in the box. He mentioned that he would be selling them on Ebay. I have to be honest I would love to have one of these that is in great condition. We discussed the knifes age and he figures it is from the late 60’s to early 70’s. I gave the pocket knife to my boss after I cleaned it up and I am still amazed at how well it cleaned up and how sharp the blades were even after spending many years in the ground. The actual inscription on the knife says Kassborher: Anhanger which means follower or trailer in German. From that we can deduce that the knife was given to someone who had purchased a Kassborher trailer or was somehow involved with their trailer division. All in all I spent about 30 minutes talking to the elderly gentleman from Missoula, Montana and metal detecting did come up. He mentioned me flying to Missoula to show him how to use a metal detector because his area is full of history and old mining camps. It sounds very tempting! Fast forward to later Monday evening. My youngest boy and I both got sick. He had the stomach flu that took a big toll on him for two days. I had a touch of the flu but mine was followed by an extreme sinus infection that has had me feeling like a pile of fecal matter for two days. During the day on Tuesday I stayed at home with the youngest Ukena boy and in between napping and cleaning up the evidence of the stomach flu I managed to watch a bunch of stuff on Youtube. I watched videos on metal detecting, snooker, and other pool matches. I was watching some videos about the new Garrett ATX. I have to say that the machine amazed me with it’s ability to find gold nuggets rather deeply. This caught my attention for a couple of reasons. One particular video showed the machine detecting a nickel at 15″.. Impressive but I don’t see myself having a desire to dig a 15″ hole to retrieve a target. The same video showed the machine detecting a 1/2 ounce gold nugget at 13″. It would definitely make more sense to dig a 13″ hole for a 1/2 ounce of pure gold. But still I thought to myself: How would I use this tool? I didn’t have an answer for that. If I was detecting highly mineralized beaches I could see having a machine like this. If perhaps I was prospecting for gold I could see it. I just couldn’t see where I would need a machine like this on the average hunt. The one thing I love about this machine is something that I also love about the XP Deus. It folds down to a very compact machine to transport. I wish Garrett would incorporate this styling into their other machines! In the end I say it doesn’t matter what machine you use as long as you enjoy using it. I think as a society we have a tendency to focus too much on the biggest, baddest, newest thing. I would rather see someone swinging a $100 machine and having a blast over buying a machine that cost 25 times as much and be frustrated about it. I also managed to watch some snooker videos. If you read my blog often you know I’ve mentioned my fascination with the game. Unfortunately, there are not many people that play the game around here. Let alone people who want to have a tournament or play in a league on a regular basis. I had the privilege of playing in a pool league with one of the best snooker players in the US and he says that we don’t even have a true snooker table in Wichita. Anyways, I started doing some research and I found out that there are two snooker tournaments in Houston in 2014. I would love to play in one of these tournaments. I don’t want to play with the expectation of winning. I don’t want to play in them to make a name for myself. I simply think it would be fun to play in and observe the talent from around the nation. The US snooker association holds 7 events annually. As you might imagine that Kansas is not host to one of the events. I’m thinking I could use a nice metal detecting trip to Missoula, Montana after playing in such an event in Houston, TX.

There you have it. My week in summary.

No matter what you do, make sure you find time for the things you enjoy and enjoy them to the fullest!

Possibly the most fun part of metal detecting

Tonight I want to write about what may be the most fun part of metal detecting. A couple weeks ago I stopped by a very well maintained farm home that appeared to be from the turn of the century. I made my way to the front door. I knocked a couple of times but nobody answered. As I turned to leave I noticed that there was a herding dog that had snuck up behind me. I have had several herding dogs and they come with one personality trait that everyone should know about. They rarely attack from the front. They will wait until you turn your back to them and then immediately try to get on your heels. Knowing this I lowered down to the dogs level and showed it that I wasn’t scared and that I wasn’t there to hurt anything. The dog didn’t want to be warm and friendly but the growling did cease. I progressed to the truck without incident. Once I got home I started doing some research on the homestead and the home was built in 1908. Tonight while driving by I noticed a car in the drive and a couple of lights on. I had to stop and see about detecting around the property. I had a very pleasent conversation with the lady that lives in the home and two young kiddos. Come to find out the home has been in the family since it was built. We discussed the possibilities of a shadow box showing the relics I find. I think this is such a cool aspect of detecting around old farmsteads. In the end she needed to discuss it with her father-in-law about having me metal detecting the property. I hope that the opportunity comes to fruition because these are my favorite types of places to hunt. It is always fun to see the smile on the face of someone who hasn’t seen a forgotten relic that was lost years before. I also like the way the finds from these places take us back to the simpler life of years ago.

Hope to be happy hunting soon!

Mundane Monday

Well today at lunch I returned to the empty lot that I recently pulled 5 wheats from. As is becoming the norm I didn’t find any keepers. Tonight I decided to get out in the beautiful weather and hunt. I quickly decided to try and find some new sites. I stopped by one property and the property owner needed to run the idea of me detecting by her husband. After dropping a card off at a couple other properties I decided to hunt a farm field that I’m certain holds my first seated coin. It is a farmfield that held a school house between the early 1880’s and the 1920’s. I have hunted this field a couple times without finding anything. Tonight I hunted a different little section for an hour or so and didn’t find anything. As I was walking back towards the truck I got a decent signal 6″ down. The thing that caught my attention about this signal was the fact that it was consistent after turning 90 degrees to it. As I dug my first plug I noticed a coin impression in the thick clay. I quickly found a coin in the sidewall of the hole. I was hoping for a barber or seated but this coin wasn’t shiny. I could quickly tell it was copper. The wreath on the reverse of the coin told me it was an Indian. It was just dusk enough that I couldn’t see a date on it. I swung a few more minutes and headed home. When I got it home I cleaned it with water just enough to get a date off of it. It turned out to be a 1900. I cannot figure out for the life of me why I’m missing the silver. Lately I have been second guessing the capabilities of the little “beginners detector” my Ace 250. I have been thinking more and more about upgrading. However everytime I think it’s time the Ace finds me something that makes me think to myself. Why upgrade? This indian rang up as a penny with a sweet belltone. I have dug many silvers that would sound the exact same. I will continue to hunt this property because I am convinced there are more goodies there. Hopefully, they have the scientific symbol AG.


Just a reminder that we will be meeting Wednesday night the 15th in North Linwood Park at 6:00 PM for our “Step Up Clean Up” initiative. I will have everyone’s T-shirts and I hope to see everyone out there.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Steve *\_


What is it? If only finds could talk!

Well lately I have been so busy knocking out my household honey do list that I haven’t gotten out to detect much. The only time I can get out is on my lunch break. There are a few of us in the metro area that have gotten permission to hunt a very large site that dates back to the 30’s. This site has had activity on it steadily since. When I say large I’m saying easily 5 city blocks but probably more. I would guess that we have spent a combined 10-12 hours at the site. The only problem none of us have found something really sweet yet. I have dug a few wheat pennies and Miner has as well. Where are the coins made of precious metal? Nobody knows..

I hunted this site today at lunch and didn’t find much until I spotted a clothes line that didn’t have snow under it. From a small 5 x 5 area I dug the following. A 1946 wheat, a 1949 wheat, a 1956 Pakistanian pie, and a USmarine corp button. When I first dug the pie I thought it was a small token. After returning to work I cleaned it up to find that it was a coin. The button I dug I had assumed was just off someones blue jeans. I can’t seem to date the button but I’m guessing it to be out of the same load of laundry. If only relics could talk… I will upload pictures when I get to work in the morning.

On a fun note I got my new plane ready to fly! I’m stoked to get her out.

Last night after I finished the kitchen floor I felt like having a beer. I went to the local liquor store, and for the first time I bought a six pack of beer based solely on the label. The pic below should explain.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!





Sunday equals cool digs

Where to start… I guess at about 8:30 this morning! Kolton and I went to the site I started at late last night. I detected in the opposite direction that I did last night. I focused on a small (30 x 30) area of the large lot. We hunted for about an hour and a half and the hunt yielded three wheats and a blue Tootsie Toy roadster. I was only digging the best sounding high tones. When I got home I was inspecting the wheat cents and couldn’t quite make out the date on one of them. It was either a 1914 or 1916.. Queen Ukena and I agreed that I should clean it to a point that I could see it. I got the mintmark identified before the year and it was a D. We were both hoping for a 1914D.. I continued cleaning and it ended up being a 1916D… Deflate! You can check wheat penny values here.

Later in the day the youngest Ukena boy went down for his nap. The oldest Ukena boys were just lounging around our hacienda. I decided to hit this site again because I knew it held silver.i even mentioned this to Patton from the forum. I again focused my attention on the same section of ground. I was digging tones that were not perfect and clear. I dug alot more trash but I also dug deeper coins. Then I got a clean, pure, belltone out of the Ace 250. The signal was reading penny/dime at 8+ inches and then it settled at 6″. I want to make a side note here. I had dug probably 20 coins out of this area already and the deepest one was 5″. Anyways I cut my plug and pull out a 1919 liberty dime! I love these coins! No matter how many of them I dig I love seeing lady liberty on the face of them. The third pass over this section yielded 1 silver, 3 more wheats, 2 old nickels, and a half of a tootsie toy. The picture with the finds on a paper towel are from the third trip only.

For those of you that read PulltabMiners blog you know that he has been writing quite a bit about the chances of a site being hunted out. I have to say that I am starting to agree with him. All in all I have dug 50-60 coins out of this small 30 x 30 area. On the second and third trips I was digging coins 5-6 inches from other targets I dug in previous trips. Do I dare say that the more you hunt a place, the more it reveals?

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

Steve *\_