Wacky Wednesday Finds

Wednesday 4-9-14

This upcoming Friday marks 4 weeks until we close on our home that we sold. The bad news is that we still don’t have a home to move into. This creates some anxiety in the house as well as a certain level of uncertainness. This evening I got home from work and called a friend who wires houses to fix a couple of minor issues that came up in the home inspection that the buyers of our home wanted. We finished up at about 6:00 this evening and then the family had a bite to eat. You may call me crazy but the weather was perfect so I got out and went detecting. I haven’t detected in a few days and my mind was telling me that I needed some swing time. I asked if the Queen minded me going out and she said I should go before I drove her crazy… I went to a homesite that has produced silver and wheats in the past. It is a pretty gnarly site that has a ton of iron. I knocked on the door and asked the Homeowner if he minded me detecting for the evening. Permission was granted. I also saw Maggie. She is maturing nicely. She is getting bigger and seems to be doing well! The hunt started off pretty good digging a few pieces of clad. Then I found a target that I couldn’t identify. At first I thought it was a cap gun but looking closer I believe I found an old toy steam tractor.

Is it an old steamy?
Is it an old steamy?

Pic of a Case 25-75
Pic of a Case 25-75

Backwards C and E with AS in the middle.. Could it be a Case 25..
Backwards C and E with AS in the middle.. Could it be a Case 25..

Anyways Maybe you guys will see/know something more than I do about this find. The next target I dug is also kind of neat. It’s a dog tag from a neighboring city.

Photo of tonights non trash finds
Photo of tonights non trash finds

While hunting I realized that we are planning on moving to a neighboring city. I have mixed emotions on this because I have put a ton of time researching our area and I hate to leave these sites behind. I guess I will have to do new research wherever we end up. I now know why Mr. Stout misses his hunting grounds that he left 1,000s of miles away. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I could probably drive 20 minutes and be back on my sites. Of course I will miss sitting down and chewing the fat with the mature retired guys at the coffee shop in the morning as well. Rumor has it that the town we want to move to doesn’t have a coffee shop where you can get to know and learn from the old timers that remember details about the area back then…

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading.

*\_ Steveouke

Struggling on Sunday

Well after 3 evenings of battling with the hot water heater, taking down christmas lights, and taking care of all my other family duties I was ready for some detecting this afternoon. I decided to hit a site I detected a month or so again. Last time I was there Pulltab Miner and I both found Indian head pennies. Well today started off with the first target being a headstamp. This site is a iron infested mess. It became evident while digging some of the targets. It was easy to pull a square nail or two before finding the somewhat decent sounding signal. Anyways I was joined by another hunter and we had just got done digging a target when we saw a gentleman crossing the fence headed our way. As he approached he asked what we were doing and I told him. The next question was do you have permission and I said yes. He then informed us that he owned it and asked us to leave. Now here is a little back story. While researching this site I learned that it was owned by a family trust. I called the number on the GIS website and was told I needed to talk to another person to get permission. I talked to him and was granted permission. I explained this to the owner and he understood. He was nice about asking us to leave but I still don’t fully understand the reasoning. This is just another instance when I have gotten all permission I thought was needed only to get shut down. Now I’m not totally disappointed because the site hasn’t produced much but I do know the potential is there. Anyways todays hunt didn’t produce one coin but I did manage to find a bunch of metal.. The most interesting finds were the headstamps. 

The headstamps are as follows

A REM-UMC Economy 12 gauge (I believe this is the oldest of the 3 and probably dates from the 1910’s

A REM-UMC Shur Shot 12 gauge 

A Federal Hi Power 20 gauge

Now I believe that all of these shells were from 1910-1930. This tells me that the coins should still be in the same area. The school was on the 1885 plat map and the 1905 plat map. The town falls off the map shortly after that and a neighboring town blossoms. I’m guessing that this field got purchased with the school house and then turned into a recreation field. 

Anyways I stopped at another site on the way home that yielded 3 golf balls. 2 pulltabs, and a bunch of foil…


Hopefully detecting get’s better! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!

Steveouke *\_


Saturday shenanigans with Maggie… It’s not what you think.

This morning I started out the day with my sons. We shot our Daisy buck in the house into circles with scoring rings. We then played some Mario Kart on the Wii. Once the frost had thawed and the sun felt good I went out detecting with Maggie. I will dive more into Maggie shortly. I left the house at almost ten and told Queen Ukena that I would be back for lunch. I started hunting in a different area than I hunted yesterday at the old homestead. About 5 minutes into the hunt I got a very sweet signal with multiple targets. I was thinking turn of the century coin spill. I was surprised to find a couple shell casings and a bullet that had obviously hit something. When I re-scanned the hole I got a single sweet signal and was blessed with a silver dime. My heart was racing wondering if it was a barber or seated. I was in shock when I saw this come out of the hole…

I was shocked that this coin wasn't at least 50 years older
I was shocked that this coin wasn’t at least 50 years older

I continued in the iron infested site and as I was digging a target I looked up and saw Maggie. She is a young, energetic, playful girl. She quickly grabbed my attention and a little piece of my heart. She is the residents 12 week old pure blooded German Shepherd. The resident was concerned that she was bugging me but to be honest I kind of enjoyed having a hunting companion. One of the guys I hunt with recently added a lab to his family and takes her hunting with him. This got me to wondering, Should I get my middle boy the dog he has wanted for a long time? He has wanted a German Shepherd for the last couple years. Hummmm I will run this by Queen Ukena. And in case you are wondering Maggie wouldn’t set still for a photo. I will keep trying.

Anyways, I detected for about two hours and nearing the end of my hunt I dug my second keeper of the day. I was expecting another silver dime because the VDI numbers were the same as on the 59 Roosevelt. I was pleasantly surprised to see an old copper. I cleaned it up just enough to see what it was and this is what I saw. Needless to say after my last post this one got cleaned with water only.

My 8th Indian Cent of the year
My 8th Indian Cent of the year

After the hunt was over our foreign exchange student and I got busy hanging the outside Christmas lights. We finished up just in time for dinner and the darkness to be illuminated. I was on my way to do an errand and saw a young fella (8-10 years old) metal detecting a front yard in Rose Hill. I quickly stopped and introduced myself. Come to find out he lives in NE Kansas and got his machine for a birthday present. It’s a small world as his mom knows some of the Queen’s family in the NE part of the state. Watch out Holton hunters you have some competition. I hope he enjoys the hobby as much as I do. All in all I think this was close to a perfect weekend day..

Thanks for reading!
*\_ Steveouke

Meanwhile back at the old hotel

Tonight I got out for a couple hours at the old hotel. This is the kind of site that I wish I had an experienced treasure hunter with me. Someone who has a sense of where to look. The area is about 4 acres and there is an original barn and well house. I find my self bumbling around swinging not sure of where the nectar sector is. Yes I through the Diggers term out there. Whether you call it a honey hole, sweet spot, or nectar sector it means the same thing. We are all looking for that spot that produces the goods we want. The silver still eludes me but at least I know it’s there based on tonight’s hunt. I dug some cool old relics, a 1965 quarter, 65 dime, 70 memorial, 74 memorial, and then the coin that gives me hope showed up. One of the last targets I dug was a wheat cent. I assumed it was another 40’s or 50’s wheat cent. Until I got home and cleaned it up that is. It ended up being a 1911 without a mint mark. It seems like this site has had two lives. The first being 1880’s-early 1900’s and the second being in the 50’s and forward. What is somewhat unusual is everything dug to this point has been in the top 4″ of soil.. The silver will come sooner or later!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

*\_ Steveouke2013-08-29 22.26.14

2013-08-29 22.26.34

2013-08-29 22.26.44

When the authorities get involved. Permission or not!

Tonight I want to discuss permissions and lack there of. Today the family picked up our exchange student for this year. I mentioned to him that I was going to go detecting and he asked if he could go as well. I am excited to show him the ropes of detecting. I never imagined the first time out would end the way it did. I was originally planning to detect a site but quickly realized it was too wet. I decided to detect another homesite that I have detected several times in the last 8 months. I originally got permission from a gentleman that lives in one of 4 homes that are in a row all owned by the same person. While hunting a few months ago I had an elderly gentleman tell me he owned it and that I could detect the property as long as I followed the ethics I informed him about. I had been detecting for 30 minutes or so when all H**L broke loose . A man and women pulled up and stopped their car on the road. The male passenger quickly jumped out off the car and walked towards me briskly. He then yelled angrily at me asking what the F— I was doing. I said metal detecting. He immediately yelled at me that he owned the place and that I was trespassing. I apologized and said that I would leave and that I was sorry… He just kept getting louder and more belligerent. He asked me my name and I gave him my first name and he quickly wanted my last name. My response only made things worse.. I replied “you don’t need to know”. This guy was so hot headed that he wouldn’t just drop it even though I had been nothing but respectful and conforming up until this point. He even started raising a fist as to want to swing. I moved to the property next door that is only owned by one person whom I have permission from. The loudmouth just kept running his mouth from his property. I chose to ignore him. The next thing I know a local police officer pulls in and I greet him the a good evening and explain to him what happened. He went back and talked to the “homeowner” and then came back. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t get too excited about much and I am glad I didn’t fuel the loaded cannon that was yelling and cussing. In the end the police officer was very cordial and mentioned that I get permission to hunt in writing. I like this idea but I have to wonder if it will detour some from allowing me to detect. Do most people get written consent to hunt private property? I hadn’t given it much thought but since this isn’t the first time there has been a conflict over permission I am considering it. I have been through some odd situations concerning permissions. Renters giving permission, renters saying no after owner said yes, and husband saying no after wife says yes, and then this evenings deal I’m still not certain of…

Now I have read the trespassing laws in Kansas and I know legally I had done nothing wrong. However, I am sure this evenings events made our new exchange student uncomfortable and I know for a fact that I was embarrassed by them. Here is the Kansas trespassing law for those who are interested. You don’t need to read real close to see some big gray areas. The way I read it you are not committing a a crime if on unfenced, unmarked property until you are defiant in leaving after being asked to do so. I don’t encourage blurring the line intentionally because it doesn’t look good for our hobby! What are your thoughts?

Statute 21-3721: Criminal trespass. (a) Criminal trespass is:
(1) Entering or remaining upon or in any land, nonnavigable body of water, structure, vehicle, aircraft or watercraft, other than railroad property as defined in K.S.A. 21-3761, and amendments thereto, or nuclear generating facility as defined in K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 66-2302, and amendments thereto, by a person who knows such person is not authorized or privileged to do so, and:

(A) Such person enters or remains therein in defiance of an order not to enter or to leave such premises or property personally communicated to such person by the owner thereof or other authorized person; or

(B) such premises or property are posted in a manner reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders, or are locked or fenced or otherwise enclosed, or shut or secured against passage or entry; or

(C) such person enters or remains therein in defiance of a restraining order issued pursuant to K.S.A. 60-1607, 60-3105, 60-3106, 60-3107, 60-31a05 or 60-31a06 or K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 38-2243, 38-2244 or 38-2255, and amendments thereto, and the restraining order has been personally served upon the person so restrained; or

(2) entering or remaining upon or in any public or private land or structure in a manner that interferes with access to or from any health care facility by a person who knows such person is not authorized or privileged to do so and such person enters or remains thereon or therein in defiance of an order not to enter or to leave such land or structure personally communicated to such person by the owner of the health care facility or other authorized person.

(b) As used in this section:

(1) “Health care facility” means any licensed medical care facility, certificated health maintenance organization, licensed mental health center, or mental health clinic, licensed psychiatric hospital or other facility or office where services of a health care provider are provided directly to patients.

(2) “Health care provider” means any person: (A) Licensed to practice a branch of the healing arts; (B) licensed to practice psychology; (C) licensed to practice professional or practical nursing; (D) licensed to practice dentistry; (E) licensed to practice optometry; (F) licensed to practice pharmacy; (G) registered to practice podiatry; (H) licensed as a social worker; or (I) registered to practice physical therapy.

(c) (1) Criminal trespass is a class B nonperson misdemeanor.

(2) Upon a conviction of a violation of subsection (a)(1)(C), a person shall be sentenced to not less than 48 consecutive hours of imprisonment which must be served either before or as a condition of any grant of probation or suspension, reduction of sentence or parole.

(d) This section shall not apply to a land surveyor, licensed pursuant to article 70 of chapter 74 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto, and such surveyor’s authorized agents and employees who enter upon lands, waters and other premises in the making of a survey.

Mundane Monday

Well today at lunch I returned to the empty lot that I recently pulled 5 wheats from. As is becoming the norm I didn’t find any keepers. Tonight I decided to get out in the beautiful weather and hunt. I quickly decided to try and find some new sites. I stopped by one property and the property owner needed to run the idea of me detecting by her husband. After dropping a card off at a couple other properties I decided to hunt a farm field that I’m certain holds my first seated coin. It is a farmfield that held a school house between the early 1880’s and the 1920’s. I have hunted this field a couple times without finding anything. Tonight I hunted a different little section for an hour or so and didn’t find anything. As I was walking back towards the truck I got a decent signal 6″ down. The thing that caught my attention about this signal was the fact that it was consistent after turning 90 degrees to it. As I dug my first plug I noticed a coin impression in the thick clay. I quickly found a coin in the sidewall of the hole. I was hoping for a barber or seated but this coin wasn’t shiny. I could quickly tell it was copper. The wreath on the reverse of the coin told me it was an Indian. It was just dusk enough that I couldn’t see a date on it. I swung a few more minutes and headed home. When I got it home I cleaned it with water just enough to get a date off of it. It turned out to be a 1900. I cannot figure out for the life of me why I’m missing the silver. Lately I have been second guessing the capabilities of the little “beginners detector” my Ace 250. I have been thinking more and more about upgrading. However everytime I think it’s time the Ace finds me something that makes me think to myself. Why upgrade? This indian rang up as a penny with a sweet belltone. I have dug many silvers that would sound the exact same. I will continue to hunt this property because I am convinced there are more goodies there. Hopefully, they have the scientific symbol AG.


Just a reminder that we will be meeting Wednesday night the 15th in North Linwood Park at 6:00 PM for our “Step Up Clean Up” initiative. I will have everyone’s T-shirts and I hope to see everyone out there.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Steve *\_


The MD’ing gods must have a sense of humor

So tonight I went back to a local sports field where I have been finding older coins and I know there was a homestead in the early 1900’s. Most the coins I have been digging are from the late 60’s.  I dug two wheat pennies one from the 40’s and one from the 50’s. These coins were approximately 5″ deep. I am thinking sweet I’m in the right spot. the I get a strong penny signal at 6″ I’m convinced that this could be an older wheat or maybe even an Indian head. I dig a full shovels worth of soil. I’m guessing that I’m at 6″ or so at this point. I get a faint chirp out of the propointer at the very bottom of the hole. I remove another inch or so of soil and out pops a coin.. I immediately notice that it is very corroded. It was dark and I couldn’t really see it. I put it in my pocket and continue my hunt. I get anxious to see if it is my first Indian head. I get home and the coin was in bad shape so I take a soft wire brush to it. And then I see it… The Lincoln Memorial…. Huge deflation and a gasp. I throw that nasty ol corroded up penny in the trash. As a side note I will say that it was so corroded that I couldn’t make anything out except a portion of Lincolns head and a partial memorial. My question is how does a coin like this get that deep? No other coins I have dug in this particular field are that corroded. Everything else makes sense. Coins newer than the 80’s are 2-3″ deep, 60’s- early 80’s are 3-4″ deep, and the older wheats are 4-5″ deep…. I don’t understand how in an area less than 300 sq ft. this could happen.

Please note that I am not digging this deep in soil that is dry with dead grass in it. These fields are watered and it is very easy and clean to dig a 6-7″ target and have a great looking clay plug.

After my frustration ended I got excited for a trip that I am planning to take here in the next couple of months. I still need to work out some details but I am hoping to find 3-4 buddies that want to spend a weekend hunting several homes and schools from the late 1800’s to the 1920’s… I am extremely excited for this hunt and hopeful that it will bring many firsts for me. Maybe some seateds, walkers, and indians!

That was impressive… Yeah lets go with that.

I had a couple times to get out and metal detect today. Both were very challenging hunts.

1st hunt was a park in Wichita that has been a park since the late 1800’s. I hunted for about 30 minutes and dug a 1934 D wheat penny. I will hopefully pull some silver out of this park!

2nd hunt was tonight and started at 8:00 pm. I thought I would take off on foot and hit some sidewalk strips in the oldest part of our little town. This ground has been the town since 1895 ish. Two major hurdles showed themselves early. Buried fiber optic cable and gravel. The first obstacle I can overcome by backing off my sensitivity a little bit. The second one can not be cured so easily. It seems as though our town had gravel sidewalk strip s at some point. Dig about an inch down and you hit rock. Not pea gravel either. Im talking chunk rock that you cant penetrate without flexing the handle on your digger. I want Silver #2 so badly I cant explain it. I would really like to break into the 1800s. My oldest coin so far is a 1920 something wheat penny.

Old school part 3- finally

Beautiful day to be out today to be metal detecting. I spent a couple hours at the old school. I dug 20-30 targets and finally came up with my first silver coin!! I also dug several wheats a couple old headstamps, and a Wichita transportation token. Here is a pic of todays finds.


Old school part 3- finally

Beautiful day to be out today to be metal detecting. I spent a couple hours at the old school. I dug 20-30 targets and finally came up with my first silver coin!! I also dug several wheats a couple old headstamps, and a Wichita transportation token. Here is a pic of todays finds.