The P’s of metal detecting

In this short little after hunt video I discuss the P’s of metal detecting. It was an interesting hunt that netted some decent finds. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it.

*\_ Steveouke

Site Selection and Researching

In this episode I look at a property that has caught my attention for several months. Using Google Earth and the resources I mentioned in my previous post I figured out the history of the property. I give just a few clues as to what originally caught my attention. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

Kicking in-Vlog #1

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that I am going to integrate a Vlog into my Blog. I am going to take a different approach than most in regards to finds. I may show my finds every once in awhile but I want to focus more on the hobby as a whole. I have always been surprised about how many views my simple blog gets and I’m hoping that between reading and watching my site will be complete for anyone in or getting into the hobby. That being said I have launched the first Vlog entry and you can see it here. If you want to not miss a Vlog entry hit the subscribe button. I guess my end hope is that I can do some product reviews, news, and general information about the hobby.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to where this is going.

Steve *\_

Social Hour

Lately I have introduced a few people into the great hobby of metal detecting. If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to check out the link section on the right side of my blog. Specifically I think we all can learn a bunch from socializing with other detectorists. Here is a short list of things that happen by getting involved.

– Find other detectorists in your area.

– Learn more about your machine from others that use them.

– You can get involved in local and national groups.

– You can talk to many retailers of detectors and accessories. You can usually get a little better price on items if you belong to a forum and are active.

– Contests to win detectors, accessories, and many other things.

– View other peoples finds. It is always interesting seeing what other detectorists in the nation and around the world are finding.


Tonight I want to simply bring you a resource that has helped me along in this hobby. Enjoy!

Treasure Corner by Dan Hughes- Dan has been in the metal detecting hobby for almost 40 years. He produces 3-5 minute podcasts that I enjoy listening to. Recently I listened to his show #40 about the halo effect. He has put out over 100 podcasts concerning metal detecting. I would suggest you listen to show #105. In this one he mentions previous shows that answer many common questions. I enjoy listening to these shows tremendously and he definitely has taught me a fair amount.

I hope you find his shows as helpful as I have.

Happy Hunting!