The little Ace amazes me sometimes….

Well the little Ace did it again. This machine flat out amazes me sometimes. This week I have been at a tradeshow in a neighboring town. This town is old and has several old parks. I decided to detect over my lunch break. There was a park only a mile or so from the convention center. This park is surrounded by homes from the early 1900’s. My thought of homes lining the street were quickly confirmed by finding a buried walk that led to nothing. It was a cool 43 degrees after a small front moved through last night. I started swinging and immediately got an odd deep signal. Since I was unfamiliar with the soil in this area I dug it. At about 8″ I found an unfired .22 bullet. The bullet had a U stamped on the bottom. Quick research says that it is a bullet made by United Metallic Cartridge in the early 1900’s before the company was purchased by Remington. I proceeded to dig several clad coins and then I got a sweet deep belltone. Another great target was found at 8″. It is a 1912 wheatie without a mint mark. I left on that note and headed back to an afternoon of trade showing.

As much as I love the little Ace 250 I am thinking that it may be time to graduate to the next level of metal detector. I kind of think of metal detectors the same as golf clubs, pool cues, or fishing rods. I dont see the point of upgrading until you have reached a certain level in the “sport”. For instance, I have the same set of golfing irons that I bought used in the year of 1999 or so. I don’t play golf often enough or well enough to justify expensive clubs. My detecting addiction seems more like my passion for fishing. I have dedicated the time and effort to the hobby and I can see the benefit of having a better machine. The hard part is figuring out which direction to go. In my mind there are three levels of detectors. Beginning, intermediate, and high end machines. There are several machines I would like to have. But that doesn’t clarify where I should go. I know guys who have or do swing multiple detectors of different levels. I am thinking the next step should be an intermediate machine. I know some beginners who went straight to a high end machine and always seemed confused and unsure of their programs on them. The Whites V3i , Minelab E-trac, and XP Deus are all high end machines that seem to do very well. The Garrett AT Pro, Minelab 505 and 705, Whites MXT, and many others I would consider intermediate level machines. I look forward to swinging a few different machines before making a decision on which direction to go. A fellow hunter has offered me his White’s DFX to try and I swung a Garrett AT Pro for about an hour last weekend. I do not know anyone who has a mid level Minelab that I could try out though. As you can tell I am open to all brands but I just want to find a machine that fit’s my desires and needs. Hopefully some good unbiased opinions will come up in the weeks and months that follow. Most importantly with any machine is taking the time to learn it and learn it well!

Happy hunting.. Signed confused detectorist who doesn’t know what he wants!