Reading and Researching

Yesterday I spent the day at home with two sick kiddos. This gave me plenty of time to do some research. I listened to a few Relic Roundups and found a new map source.

I listened to one Relic Roundup that really caught my attention. This broadcast they were talking about which machine a person should purchase. They had several guest callers that are well known around the metal detecting hobby. They all kind of agreed that knowing your machine was a huge part of it. I have thought this for awhile. The more I use my Ace 250 the more I learn it. I have known people who upgrade machines after just a couple of months. Do they ever learn their machine? I don’t think so because even after 2-4 upgrades they are not getting the results they want. I would highly encourage you to listen to the program here.

The second portion of my post is about maps. Up until now I have looked at plat maps from the 1880’s and early 1900’s. Yesterday I found a site that can extend my map research back to the 1860’s and 1870’s. The website is and they have a massive collection of digitized maps. I was kind of taken back when I looked at a map that didn’t show Wichita but had some surrounding cities on it. Some of the oldest parts of Kansas I didn’t think were that old. I am excited to add these to my toolbox of research.

All in all I think that research plays a massive part of treasure hunting. You could almost look at research as the 5 W’s of picking a hunting spot. Who, What, Where, When, and Why. If you find a church on a plat map from 1890 You can answer all 5 W’s which should equate to a good hunt.