Ticks, Plugs, and Possibilities


A couple days ago on the way home I noticed a backhoe and excavator in a field. An excavating company had a truck sitting there. Nobody was in it so I left a card and then proceeded to call them. During our conversation he mentioned they had torn a house down. He also said that I could metal detect around the property. After doing some research I learned that the house was there in 1938. This morning I got to the site and quickly knew it would be a challenge. Most the grass is 2-2/12 feet tall. The only places I could hunt were the areas that an excavator had scraped off a couple inches of top soil. The finds were not very impressive but something tells me that it’s there, I just couldn’t get to it today.






Yesterday I had a thought about plugs and how we dig them. I use a shovel and I can cut a 6-8″ U-shape plug that I can place back in the hole nicely. Then yesterday as I was replacing a plug I thought about planting flowers in the past. They always recommend loosening the soil and roots. I have never done this while detecting. Going forward I am going to make sure I have loose soil in the bottom of the hole as well as roots that aren’t bound up. Hopefully this makes the healing process easier on the grass especially in the summer when things start drying out!

Not much to say except while venturing around the field this morning I found my first two of the year. I will stick to the short grass and non wooded areas as much as possible for awhile!