Wacky Wednesday Finds

Wednesday 4-9-14

This upcoming Friday marks 4 weeks until we close on our home that we sold. The bad news is that we still don’t have a home to move into. This creates some anxiety in the house as well as a certain level of uncertainness. This evening I got home from work and called a friend who wires houses to fix a couple of minor issues that came up in the home inspection that the buyers of our home wanted. We finished up at about 6:00 this evening and then the family had a bite to eat. You may call me crazy but the weather was perfect so I got out and went detecting. I haven’t detected in a few days and my mind was telling me that I needed some swing time. I asked if the Queen minded me going out and she said I should go before I drove her crazy… I went to a homesite that has produced silver and wheats in the past. It is a pretty gnarly site that has a ton of iron. I knocked on the door and asked the Homeowner if he minded me detecting for the evening. Permission was granted. I also saw Maggie. She is maturing nicely. She is getting bigger and seems to be doing well! The hunt started off pretty good digging a few pieces of clad. Then I found a target that I couldn’t identify. At first I thought it was a cap gun but looking closer I believe I found an old toy steam tractor.

Is it an old steamy?
Is it an old steamy?

Pic of a Case 25-75
Pic of a Case 25-75

Backwards C and E with AS in the middle.. Could it be a Case 25..
Backwards C and E with AS in the middle.. Could it be a Case 25..

Anyways Maybe you guys will see/know something more than I do about this find. The next target I dug is also kind of neat. It’s a dog tag from a neighboring city.

Photo of tonights non trash finds
Photo of tonights non trash finds

While hunting I realized that we are planning on moving to a neighboring city. I have mixed emotions on this because I have put a ton of time researching our area and I hate to leave these sites behind. I guess I will have to do new research wherever we end up. I now know why Mr. Stout misses his hunting grounds that he left 1,000s of miles away. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I could probably drive 20 minutes and be back on my sites. Of course I will miss sitting down and chewing the fat with the mature retired guys at the coffee shop in the morning as well. Rumor has it that the town we want to move to doesn’t have a coffee shop where you can get to know and learn from the old timers that remember details about the area back then…

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading.

*\_ Steveouke

Mundane Monday

Well today at lunch I returned to the empty lot that I recently pulled 5 wheats from. As is becoming the norm I didn’t find any keepers. Tonight I decided to get out in the beautiful weather and hunt. I quickly decided to try and find some new sites. I stopped by one property and the property owner needed to run the idea of me detecting by her husband. After dropping a card off at a couple other properties I decided to hunt a farm field that I’m certain holds my first seated coin. It is a farmfield that held a school house between the early 1880’s and the 1920’s. I have hunted this field a couple times without finding anything. Tonight I hunted a different little section for an hour or so and didn’t find anything. As I was walking back towards the truck I got a decent signal 6″ down. The thing that caught my attention about this signal was the fact that it was consistent after turning 90 degrees to it. As I dug my first plug I noticed a coin impression in the thick clay. I quickly found a coin in the sidewall of the hole. I was hoping for a barber or seated but this coin wasn’t shiny. I could quickly tell it was copper. The wreath on the reverse of the coin told me it was an Indian. It was just dusk enough that I couldn’t see a date on it. I swung a few more minutes and headed home. When I got it home I cleaned it with water just enough to get a date off of it. It turned out to be a 1900. I cannot figure out for the life of me why I’m missing the silver. Lately I have been second guessing the capabilities of the little “beginners detector” my Ace 250. I have been thinking more and more about upgrading. However everytime I think it’s time the Ace finds me something that makes me think to myself. Why upgrade? This indian rang up as a penny with a sweet belltone. I have dug many silvers that would sound the exact same. I will continue to hunt this property because I am convinced there are more goodies there. Hopefully, they have the scientific symbol AG.


Just a reminder that we will be meeting Wednesday night the 15th in North Linwood Park at 6:00 PM for our “Step Up Clean Up” initiative. I will have everyone’s T-shirts and I hope to see everyone out there.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!

Steve *\_



Well today marks an acheivement in my metal detecting career. Today was my first multiple silver day.

Hunt #1-

With the sun shining and a perfect 74 degrees I decided to hunt over my lunch break. I went what I call “freestyling” this means I was hunting curb strips in the oldest part of Wichita. First target I dug was a 1962 Roosevelt dime. Second, a 1940 wheat penny. I then hunted for a bit and found some odds and ends. Two items were small and deep which makes me have faith in my machine yet again! One is an old hat pin and the other is an old button. On the way back to the truck I dug two more wheat pennies a 1944 and a 1940.

Hunt #2-

After dinner my oldest boy had soccer practice. I took this opportunity to go see my new buddy John. He is the older guy that has seemed quite interested in our hobby. His grandson had purchased a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV a few years ago and they were not impressed with it. He had told me that he got it from his grandson and may tinker with it. Knowing that John doesn’t have access to the internet or television for that matter I decided to print him off an owners manual for the Bounty Hunter. I wasn’t planning on hunting there this evening with Kolton being at practice. John started asking questions about swing patterns so I had to demonstrate. During the 15 minute exercise I dug a couple memorials and a 1944 mercury dime. Johns face lit up when he saw the shiny stuff come from 4″ down. I have a soft spot in my heart for elders and he is no exception. Every time we part ways he says “God be with you and your family”. Now I don’t think he is a saint or anything but it is nice to hear these words.

Happy Hunting!




To the Totlot

Well today I managed two different hunts. One was a very short morning hunt at a public park in Wichita the other a night hunt in Rose Hill . Both were totlot hunts. In Rose Hill I am forced to hunt the totlots due to the hard ground. I managed almost a dollars worth of clad. That isn’t what is important though. It was therapeutic for my mind and you can’t really put a price on that!

Happy hunting and keep swinging!

All cracked up.. But it isn’t funny

Tonight Karson wanted to go to the playground. I thought sweet I will be able to detect some. Well, I had to hold that thought. Picture shows it all. Hard as bricks. Any suggestions from the experienced hunters out there?


Uken dig it… Not so much

Well tonight i decided to my luck at jewelry and freshly dropped coins. I made my way to the massive soccer fields down the road. I had dug a couple pennies and the I had a strong quarter signal at 4-6″.. No problem right.. I shove my Ames 7 in 1 tool into the ground three times to make my plug . Press down to lift the plug and I hear my digger crack on the handle. I have loved this digger up until a month ago when my original one busted. Fortunately the $11 tool comes with a lifetime warranty and a quick exchange at Lowes got it replaced. Unfortunately it has happened twice this month. All I hear on the forums is that the Lesche digger is the best. But 50-60 dollars for a digging tool seems ridiculous. I know Pulltab just ordered a new digger that looks like it would work well. My question is still the same is it crazy to spend that kind of money on a digger or am I crazy for not buying a better digger? I tell you what. I will pick out the digger of choice and then you can convince my bride that I’m not crazy and it should go in the need category…. Happy hunting!

The silver shuttle

Well this evening we had two boys baseball practices on opposite ends of our little town of Rose Hill. While I was shuttling kids back and forth I had the Garrett handy. I finally had about 30 minutes to detect while Kolton’s practice finished up. I managed to find $.22 in clad and this little silver earring. I may need personalized tags on the minivan now. SILVSHUTL?? I highly doubt my bride would go for all that. Especially since the van is gray! Happy hunting and thanks for reading.