7 days..

Well we are 7 days into it and I have to be honest by saying that I am struggling! I haven’t dug any precious metals.

Saturday morning I met up with a rookie in a neighboring town. We hunted a homestead that dates back to the early 1900’s. I found some cool stuff but not a silver coin to be had. I did manage to find a 1905 Indian head penny. My hunting was interrupted multiple times to take care of other things. I find it hard to focus in these situations. I need to learn the art of keeping my head in the game no matter what the circumstances are.

My next hunting opportunity was Sunday night after dark. I enjoy night hunting but I do wish I had more sites to hunt at night. Most private residences I have permission at asked that I not detect at night. That left me with the local sports fields. I went jewelry hunting! After all was said and done I had collected $.78 in clad, about a dozen pulltabs, and a piece of costume jewelry..

If this is going to be a banner year for me I need to get on the board quickly!