The silver shuttle

Well this evening we had two boys baseball practices on opposite ends of our little town of Rose Hill. While I was shuttling kids back and forth I had the Garrett handy. I finally had about 30 minutes to detect while Kolton’s practice finished up. I managed to find $.22 in clad and this little silver earring. I may need personalized tags on the minivan now. SILVSHUTL?? I highly doubt my bride would go for all that. Especially since the van is gray! Happy hunting and thanks for reading.




Hiya silver!

Tonight I spent a couple hours out hunting. It was the therapy I needed after the last week. I dug a few trash targets in an area that I didn’t expect too much out of. I then moved to another area of the park and quickly found $.52 and a nice sized mens silver ring. I can see some markings on the interior but I can’t make them out clearly. I believe it is .825 meaning 82% silver. I will turn this ring over to the experienced guys in town and see if they can tell. Anyways I am glad that the silver train finally stopped in front of me. Happy hunting and thanks for looking!