Teknetics Minuteman Part 1 of ???

Good evening guys. I wanted to share this vlog about the Teknetics Minuteman. If you have any questions about the machine or metal detecting in general feel free to email me at stevessunkentreasures@gmail.com. I have the detector for a month to review it and I’m going to be really putting it through it’s paces. If you’ve never had a detector and you are thinking about getting a good entry level machines that are easy to use check them out at http://www.tekneticsdirect.com ¬†and use promo code A1493 to get some special pricing especially for the 4th of July specials that they have running.


The Cost of Metal Detecting

Lately I have had a few people ask me about getting into metal detecting. I thought I would share my opinions after a few months of swinging, digging, and finding…
There are many entry level detectors available. You can find links to all the manufacturers here on my weblinks section. I chose the Garrett Ace 250 for my first detector. I based my decision on reviews via the internet. I enjoy the Garrett for it’s simplicity. The Fisher F2 gets pretty rave reviews. Both of these detectors have target ID displays that allow a little control over what targets make an audible noise. The Tesoro Compadre does not have a screen and forces you to make a decision whether to dig or not based on audible sounds alone. Most manufacturers make an entry level metal detector for $150-$250. I would suggest doing research on the forum. There are many many experienced detectorists that love to share their opinions.

That gets your main detector out of the way. Here are a few other items that will take some money.
Pinpointer- $70-$120. The Garrett propointer gets the best reviews out of any of them.
Digger- $10-$50. My advise here is to buy a sturdy, sharpened digger. A quick websearch will bring up all kinds of digging tools.
Gloves and batteries. The gloves I feel are necessity. Batteries are a constant expense. I generally get 30-40 hours out of a set of batteries.

The most time consuming factor is research. I spend as much time researching as I do detecting. If you plan on only hunting playgrounds for modern money you will find some freshly dropped coins. If you hunt in an old park these detectors will probably fail you at 7-8 inches. There are many detectors that go for more than $ 1,500. Veteran detectorists can help guide you when it comes to picking out a detector.
On that note of research I got permission today to hunt a home that was built in 1891! If I had it to do over again I probably would have chosen to buy a higher end detector that was used. I hope this starts to answer everyones questions. Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Hunting!